Tattoo and Hooping.

DSC06675I love this henna tattoo business. I have the prettiest Hand of Fatima between my shoulder blades. The first version, shown left, was fairly phallic so when I went in for my ‘touch up’ before Mexico she brought it down a notch. It should last a couple of weeks if I keep it sealed with Burts Bees lip balm and avoid rigorous exfoliation. The application was so interesting. Kim is a little sprite of a person who wears glitter everyday. She told me so many things during the process, that I was totally and completely over-stimulated. She also teaches hooping and fire dancing. So, in addition to getting the very pretty tattoo, I also bought a $40.00 hoola hoop. I read that hooping is really good for your core muscles and you can burn up to 600 calories for 20 minutes of hoola hooping. I think this is very exciting. Kim wants me to practice my turns…it hula-hoop.jpgcould be this is another approach to becoming a Whirling Dirvish I expect that I will want to take fire dancing too and possibly have a recital when the Bell County burn ban is lifted. I may also want to get a travel bag for my hoola hoop. Len is more scared of me than usual.


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