San Miguel 2010: I am still under the magic spell!

DSC06690IMG_0597 Why is it I can’t get that place out of my psyche? Maybe I will move there someday….but I think not….it is too magical to live there every day. It would be like living on oreos and milk.

Barbara, Belinda, Susan H and I had a lovely traditional house–54 Chorro. It had 4 bedrooms and I was given the pent house on the 3rd floor….lovely and I burned a lot of calories getting up and down. May need joint replacement too. I loved it. What I want to do is write every single detail so I can savor each minute but that makes no sense. So highlights. Susan and I flew into Leon where we met up with Barbara who came in on a different airline. Belinda came the next day.

We had a cocktail party with Camie and Larry the first night. It was so wonderful to see the gang…ex-pats and returning friends. I think there were about 20 there. Oh, this is significant: We didn’t do the work. Camie sent her assistant and housekeeper to do it all…we contributed about $20.00 each for the cause. Photos don’t do it all justice.


So what were the highlights? There were so many. We shopped, of course. I bought too many belts and actually considered buying a brown leather bustier…but then where does one wear such in Salado? I could go visit Sally and

wear it…confirming, that I am a COSTUME girl. I didn’t buy it although Camie wrote today that she is thinking of sending it on to me. Len would really be scared if he saw that. OK, we also went to La Gruta for a swim and breakfast with Camie…it is a tradition, I think. We went to St. Paul’s church, the Panteon, the Fabrica La Aurora for a Halloween party/gallery crawl, shopped more–this time at Virgins, Saints, and Angels, and ate at old haunts as well as new ones. We flipped for La SIrena Gordo’s (The Fat Mermaid) shrimp and bacon tacos AND the ginger margaritas. We cheerfully accepted invitations to friends’ homes: Camie and Larry, Dennis and Gay, John Herron, and Peter Conway. Dang, I love the shallow life.

IMG_0498IMG_0512 IMG_0508 DSC06761IMG_0559



DSC06735 DSC06702 DSC06709

We had an exceptional comida at Gail’s Sunday Restaurant…that’s what I call it. She was Jackie and Barbara’s host for the DOD tour a few years ago. She is so talented and a Food Science major. I am very impressed. We also went to a cooking class at the Sierra Nevada’s cooking school, Sazon. Divine, divine, divine tamales and a regional specialty, Day of the Dead bread, similar to brioche. Susan and Belinda were right in the thick of it.


The gals left and I stayed two extra days for self-indulgent time. I had a private tutor help me with my photography. Robert de Gast came to the house and gave me wonderful tips and instruction as well as critiquing my photos both good and bad. It was exceptional. I spent most of my ‘leisure time’ shopping, touring the new golf course community, and eating at the Sirena Gordo. I am leaving too much out. It was fabulous and unworldly. I love unworldly.   


2 Responses to “San Miguel 2010: I am still under the magic spell!”

  1. My jealousy barometer just topped out for the week; every delicious minute sounded wonderful [except for the bustier which would uncomfortably constrict a Fat Mermaid]. I wanted to be there with you; I want to go NOW. Oreos and milk, yes!

  2. There is nothing “shallow ” about you, Susan

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