Yikes, I am so behind in my journal. Also, today I am old.

I am going to have to write backwards and post date the entries….like writing checks in the old days.

thumbnail.aspx.jpegI am sixty four (64) years old today. My Dad died when he was 63. This is a reminder to me–from me that I must keep the pedal to the metal!!! In another year, I can make as much money as I can get and still draw social security. My grandmother died before she received her first social security check. Ooops, I am sounding dark.

Len is still in Arizona so I have had a quiet, self-indulgent day. I did mindless sweeping this morning while I waited for the electrician. Then the BIG birthday present. Barbara A. came over and helped me find my gold jewelry that I had successfully hidden from any would-be thieves AND myself. I hid this ‘stash’ about 6 weeks ago…came back from a trip and couldn’t find it or remember anything about it. Only after a few days, did I remember that I put the stuff somewhere clever. I destroyed closets and drawers looking. Finally, I asked Susan L. to hypnotize me….not so much to locate the items but to CHILL. I was becoming a maniac. I knew, just knew, I would find them but I couldn’t stand the hyper vigilance. The hypnosis worked. I didn’t worry a bit after the session. Not so with my friends. The notion that I didn’t know where these baubles were made them nuts. Hence, Barbara to the rescue. She was first on the scene. If she had not been successful, Belinda was driving up from south east Texas with a divining rod! And Max had already started the interrogation as well as the search. I just couldn’t let him in all my drawers! As it turns out, it was a good thing. The loot was discovered in a storage container where I kept ancient-antiquated, feminine hygiene products. I am nuts. I love Barbara and will have to send her grandkids to graduate school.

Facebook: I am just getting the concept in my head. Social networking. Ok, well, this is kind of nice. I received a lot of birthday felicitations from folks I haven’t heard from in ions. One of the very best was from precious, dear, former student, Colby. The very first thing I heard this morning from my cozy bed was the ping notification on my phone that I had email. It was that dear boy, age 40 something–telling his old teacher nice things! Makes an old gal feel good to be remembered. Pam would have been pleased.

I thought I had a Library Board meeting but it turns out that we didn’t get the meeting posted, so after I got there I was ‘dismissed’ and went to Target all dressed up. Bought a couple of bags of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee then home. So now I am sitting here in leopard print, satin PJs drinking champagne. Life is good. Len may not be home for another week and by then I will be in Santa Fe taking two ‘Intensives’–PhotoShop and a Blurb Book Making class. I am so pumped. I will be staying at Susan H’s parent’s home about 7 blocks from the Plaza. I built in enough time to have one day to prowl around. I am looking for a turquoise rosary and peace. It is supposed to snow.


One Response to “Yikes, I am so behind in my journal. Also, today I am old.”

  1. Wait, wait, wait…you’re going to Santa Fe now without me??????? For PhotoShop and a Blurb Book class???????? See, I don’t even comment on your being old since you are YOUNG to me, but I’m going to begin commenting on you’re making wonderful plans that don’t include older people!!!!!!

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