La Traviata: A Fantastic Night at the Opera

First, I am just plain peevish. This is the second time I have produced this entry but I guess I didn’t save the first one because it is gone. It was a work of art.

Cover opera[3]render.htm Ok, I am past that pain. Yesterday Jackie and I headed south for our first opera of the season….We were incredibly lucky in that Stephanie, one half of the Hoover twins let us stay in her condo. This is the epitome of gracious hospitality. She moved out for the night so we could act like opera aficionados. Besides being smart and pretty, Stephanie is wise in the ways of happy hours. After a nice glass of wine in her chic home, she took us to the Four Seasons for drinks and appetizers before depositing us at the Long Center. We loved this opera. I don’t know that Jackie would agree, but it may be the first opera that I totally get. That may be because it is so much like Camille. Did I read that or did I read that Camille is a take off of La Traviata? At any rate, the tale was pretty straight forward: Hussy-cougar captivates young virile male. Father of young pup leans on hussy, aka Violetta, to let the boy go so as to protect both him and his sister’s reputation. As it would be, Violetta has the very bad TB. She takes the high road, leaves the lover. He goes ‘abroad’, she gets sicker, the Dad feels bad and spills his guts; the boy comes back just in time to hold Violetta before she dies. Everything was beautiful: the set, the costumes, the singing, and the dance.

During the intermission Jackie and I like to have a drink while we observe fashions on parade. Last night we focused on shoes. What I didn’t know74056_1598765782889_1648350145_1425521_1862288_n about shoes for this year! I was racked with shame for obviously I am a shoe-dullard. Now I didn’t have on Birkenstocks sandals, however, I did see them paired with lovely tiered, lace, tea-length dress. After all, this is Austin. Here is what I surmise. Stilettos are in. Better still, shoes that are red, leopard, zebra, toeless, or lucite, with ankle straps are reallllly in. This must be very stimulating for podophiliacs. Anyway, I felt like was wearing Buster Brown saddle oxfords. Jackie had on a spiffy 4″ heels with pointed toes. Honestly, she pranced around in those shoes like Cyd Charrise. Made me sick with envy. I would love to wear high, high heels but I would require a troupe of muscular young men wearing tight britches to keep me upright. I can dream. When it was all said and done, we had a super evening.

This morning we had breakfast at the South Congress Cafe. We both enjoyed their specialty Bloody Mary, made with local Tito’s vodka and combined with an infusion of bell peppers, onions, celery, lemons, limes, garlic and jalepeno! As the menu said, this is a full-flavor drink much like a full-figure–it has a kick, try it straight or a little dirty! Delicioso and very pretty.


2 Responses to “La Traviata: A Fantastic Night at the Opera”

  1. Forget shoes. You look smashing with that ruffled thing around your neck. Was it for the opera or for breakfast? [P.S. I love La Traviata too; saw it in Santa Fe at the opera house while breezes blew through the seats when Violetta expired. Spirits spoke.]

  2. Jackie hoover Says:

    Ah, how well you captured our opera outing. But I agree with Sally re your blouse and overall ravishing good looks. You and your reflections make me happy.

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