Thanks Giving!!!

The official start of the 2010 Holiday season is here. I went out this morning to see if I could do a few of Mom’s errands and in the process of finding NOTHING open, I made a few holiday calls: Stephanie and Carol. Think I will elaborate on each and much more. I am feeling artsy.

Steph was very glad to hear from me as I was on her list and she was on mine too, of course. Now she could take me off her holiday list. I totally got it. We simultaneously scratched each other off after trading heartfelt accolades. I love her so. Then a quick call to Carol to see how Al is doing and where they would be for dinner. Their feast will be at Alfie’s and Jayne’s…I am guessing that Karen, David, and Samuel will be there too. Kirstin, Andy, Lorenzo & Gioc presecco omo are going to the Balboni’s.




After the calls, I started to feel a little melancholy…I recognize that stalker. Ok, so now I am focusing on the high road so I decided to go take some photos that might depict why I am thankful even when it isn’t Thanksgiving. So here’s the list not in order of priority:

  1. My Dad. He was verrrrrrrrry funny and verrrrrrrry nice looking. I did get his sense of humor to a degree. I faulted everything bad in my life to his alcoholism. Now that he has been dead for 26 years, I am not mad at him any more. I wish I hadn’t wasted all that life energy feeling pitiful. I just wish he had been happier. A nice man took my photo at the Ft. Sam National Cemetery. I asked if I could take his photo. He said, “Yes, if you will take it of me next to my Dad’s truck.” He was visiting his Dad’s grave. It is a good picture of both of us!
  2. Diversity. I love the look of the Latino and his boots. I had to make two illegal U turns on Austin Highway to get his photo. He was pleased that I liked his boots.
  3. My Mom – she loves to snap beans.
  4. The San Antonio River Walk before the cold front and when it’s quiet. I may start wearing giant flowers in my hair like Brenda Starr.
  5. Brother Bill and Len when they love each other!
  6. Friends
  7. Turkey, macaroni and cheese, and McDonald’s carmel frappes
  8. Novelty

Daddy2.JPG Me and Stones.jpglatino with boots.jpg Man Pickup and stones.JPG


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