El Paso and now I am fat again!

I cannot help myself. I am weak of the flesh…I admit it readily. Back to the point. I went to El Paso a day early so Jackie and I could see the sighs. She has been longing to see it and John has had no interest since he did his basic training there a few decades ago. His memory is correct. There is a lot of desert out there.

watermill express.jpg

At any rate we did have a grand time being touristas before we started our work for MCEC. Day one we went over toward Las Cruces but mainly to Old Mesilla for lunch at La Posta. After a verrrrrry delicious lunch we walked around the square before heading back to El Paso so we could do a quick visit to the El Paso Museum of Art. Jackie loved it….especially the Border Exhibit, I thought it was ok….a little too political for my moderate zealism! Up and at ’em early the next morning so we could get to Alamogordo and White Sands National Monument before we picked up Charlotte and Mary Pat at the airport. Alamogordo was pretty much a bust except for the Watermill Express. Jackie gave me a lesson on Facebook’s ‘check in’ feature and where better for a candid tourist photo? It seemed to be the funniest thing in the world to us at the time. We do know how to have fall down laughing fits. Anyway, I looooved White Sands….we rented sleds at the gift shop and went for a couple of quick spins down the dunes. Photos prove what a disaster it was for me. For the life of me I can’t remember what was so hysterically funny but it was a Depend moment for me! It was so pretty and quiet and looked like lovely dry snow and it wasn’t cold. I would go back. We spent more time than we meant so we ended up not picking up chums but rather asking them to take the shuttle. We are so pitiful. We actually were more or less lost and running absolutely parallel to the border. I was SURE I didn’t want to go across to Juarez.   

Jackie waxing board.jpg


Yucca and sand.JPG

ESC store.JPG

The next two days were spent at the ESC Region 19 for LINN training. Mary Pat and Charlotte are naturals that complement one another beautifully. Jackie was a diligent support person….I did coaching and supported the support person! We had a deeeeeeelightful meal at Los Bandidos De Carlos-Mickey’s restaurant. OMG, best carnitas in the world. I am a giant chunkier woman again.


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