This is what being a homebody is all about.

Ok, I have been home 9 days and I consider myself a homebody or a shut-in. Tomorrow I leave for Mom’s and will be back home Christmas Day. David, AKA Baby David, is already home for the holidays and Justin and Rachel will get to SAT on Christmas Eve…Len will come in Christmas Eve too. We will not have a formal or even informal, traditional holiday dinner. Instead we will order take out. Mary and I like that just fine. Mom is just unable to muster her troops anymore. We have totally bailed out on he when it comes to Walton-style holiday meals. Regardless, we will have fun.

Hmmm. So what has been going on that I will want to remember in 15 years or 15 days or 15 hours, for that matter? My brain is working poorly these days. Happily, I don’t care too much. Everyone I know is to some degree memory impaired. Makes for interesting hootenannies. Nina, Lolly, and I tried to sing a song on our way out of the Cracker Barrel restaurant the other day. I think it was Yellow Bird. yellow-bird_1706.jpg We have always liked to sing that song acapella or any other way for that matter. In the olden days we knew one verse. Now we only know the tune and “Yellow Bird…up high in banana tree”. The rest of the time we just sing, “Ta Da, ta dah, da da, Yellow Bird, up high in banana tree.” Then we just fall over laughing. Very nice purge. Nina and I are going to take Lolly out every couple of weeks….we love her so much.

So in these past 9 days I have had my book club’s holiday party, happy hour, and Mah Jongg all here at the house–trying to show off my 7 foot DSC06845.jpgDSC06846.jpgIMG_0793.jpg Christmas tree that Max put up for me. Very spiffy, I think. It even rotates. We will throw out the 12 foot tree that has lived in the attic for the past 3 years. Besides ‘folksy entertaining’ we went to our old friend, Renee’s graduation party, I went to Foy’s Open House, I had two outings with Lolly and Nina, lunch with Barbara, and Len just made a cameo appearance at an office party! I should mention that I was the outlier at Foy’s party. The mean age must have been 80. There were several folks napping by the fireplace. Soon enough it will be my turn. It was a lovely, lovely open house and Foy was, of course, a gracious host.


HOWEVER, here is a news flash. Len and I went to a movie….together! Next we will be expected to renew our vows. I don’t really know what possessed him to go. He must be very bored. Now that I have written this it doesn’t sound too much like I am a homebody. Oh. I made chicken soup. I am a homebody. I drink decaffeinated coffee. IMG_1293.jpg



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