When WAS Tom’s Birthday?

It was July 31st…now I remember–five months ago. I didn’t just remember it, I had to look it up on my old calendar pages. At any rate, we had such a fun time. Tom is now 70.48 years-old. Dang, I must remember to tell him how well he is holding up! Then I will duck! It was a nice and fun party that his kids had for him at the Hyatt Resort in Bastrop? All his grandkids were there and all of Tom’s lady friends. We love Tom and we loved seeing old friends we had not seen in a while. I like the photos of Susan and Becky holding babies who appear very contented. The one I held tried like Houdini to get away. Maternal I am not.


Slawson and baby.JPG Supershot.jpg JgreatJohn.jpg Susan and child wanting to get away.jpg


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