Christmas Photos 2010

We are home from Mom’s…it was pleasant and short. I loved seeing David and Justin/Rachel. It kinda freaks me out. They are totally adults. I think they might think that I am sort of not ‘with it.’ They could have something there. But isn’t it odd? They were just kids now they have opinions that sound legitimate about national debt, of all things. I sat and listened to this conversation while glancing at a photo on an end table of David with a lizard hanging off his ear at age 3. This kind of blows me away. Maybe we are changing places. i like the idea of having a lizard hanging off my ear. It beats thinking about national debt. I think the photo of Len admiring David’s new pipes is hysterical.

Now home taking a few Christmas-ish things down and putting them away at my leisure. I skipped church for the umpteenth time today because I thought Anna, Mac coach was coming over…but that is tomorrow, not today. So here I am dressed and waiting around to go to Dana’s Open House for her newly weds, Scott and Amanda.

I had a quick visit with Carol–I want to make sure we aren’t going to make them nuts with a visit right now in the middle of the holidays, their moving, Al’s convalescence, a death in the family, and a blizzard. I think our timing is lousy. But they are a family to rival the National Guard. She insists we come…and we love them madly ,so of course, we plan to go. Len bought a coat and I can wear Mom’s vintage mink.

Page_1.jpgIMG_0811  IMG_0806


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