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I call it the work of the devil.

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AND the IT is McDonald’s Carmel Frappé. I love the stuff. They are deeeeeelicious. And just for the record, a medium is a lot different than a small. Not different in taste but, oh so different in calories. I am saving the number for the end of the paragraph because it is so shocking. In order to self-regulate, I only drink them going to and from San Antonio. Well maybe to and from San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Temple, and Belton. I never drink them on my way back from Chicago, Salt Lake City, Topeka, or Niagara Falls. Ok now for the calories. One medium = 550 calories!!! They are the work of the devil and addictive. Considering I am on a real medication for my attention deficit disorder you might think I could avoid all the obsessive behaviors. Noooooooo, instead I focus well…on tasty 550 calorie drinks. Well, one cited side effect is decreased appetite but that is outside the need for frappés in bulk.

mcdonalds frappe

Hair History as Noted from US Passport Photos

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I looooooooooooove my passport photos. Certainly not because they are in the least flattering but they are just so who I was at the moment.

1949: Mom with her little ringleted darling on our way to OkinawaMe and Mom 1949.jpg Passport 1970.jpg Passport 1984.jpg

1959: Missing. I think I torched it. I was a snaggle-toothed13 year old.

1970: Just about to get married and move to Germany.

1984: I really dislike this ‘hair-do’, although the 80s were good years.

1994: This hair I like. I thought I was a hot number. I was teaching at Southwest Texas State. I think I looked the part.

2004: I think I might look sort of mannish here.

Passport 1994.jpg

Passport 2004.jpg

I Have the Saint Anthony Candle Burning… for Spiritual Retrieval of My Losses.

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I could be called the Biggest Looser. Not because of weight loss either. I am so wiped out over this sudden, really, short term memory loss. This past month it has really accelerated and I am writing more like I am dyslexic when I am doing cross word puzzles…the AARP Level 1 Keep Your Brain Going puzzles…I have loved these and I actually thought I might learn how to do them like so many of my friends and sweet Mom. I am pretty good at the real bare bones levels but I mean I can’t do one word of the others. So I am going to go see my doctor tomorrow– I hope, if I don’t forget to call. So I have a nice fire going, Hildegard von Bingen chanting in the background, and a St. Anthony candle burning invoking the retrieval of my memory, focus, creativity, super-ego, conscience, etc. Hope reigns eternal. I am surprised I didn’t write Hope rains internal. I am also losing my balance a lot and tipping to the left. That must mean something.

We are finally having winter…the high today was 40F so I have a nice pinion wood fire going…Morris has moved his cat bed to the front of the hearth on the wool rug and is nice and long on his back…belly up. So the weather. I asked Len if it was too cold to walk….He thought not so I popped off with too little clothing. I did walk faster than usual and did go 5 miles. Since it is, oh so wintery, I made vegetable soup and chili….over kill. So I will save one for tomorrow.

I am whipped. Because I slept 12 hours night before last, I was wired and stayed up until 2:00 this morning weeping my way through The Art of Racing in the Rain. Nothing like sun and sleep deprivation to lead you to a good purging cry. Honestly, I feel like I am inside a black velvet, draw string bag. I want out.

I need to plan a trip. Boston is sounding good again. The North End, of course. I found a very spiffy rental in Scituate, MA, a Chocolate tour and Chocolate cooking school, St. Anthony feast dates, and a Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Boston Museum of Art. Belinda is interested and will throw out the net to see who else might want to go. Date to be determined.

I think I will read and go to bed. OH. I bought 3 kitchen remodeling magazines, Newsweek, Easy Monday Crossword Puzzle book, and Vanity Fair. I have never been remotely interested in Vanity Fair…but Johnny Depp is on the front. I flipped through the pages and I think I want to read the entire mag. Maybe I will start reading Popular Mechanic.

2010 in review

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

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In 2010, there were 100 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 158 posts. There were 840 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 86mb. That’s about 2 pictures per day.

The busiest day of the year was April 30th with 123 views. The most popular post that day was Happy Hour at the Casa Krals.

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Some visitors came searching, mostly for, hand of fatima tattoo, fatima hand tattoo, catherine susan krals, and ‘lisa montag brotman’.

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Massachusetts 2010-2011: Happy New Year

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close up snow bridge.jpgmore snow picnic.jpgNew England is so beeeeeeeautiful–especially after a nice fluffily snow and before it turns to slush, then not so pretty. We had a quickie visit with Carol and Al and their terrific offspring and grand-offspring. They have a rock solid family-all for one and one for all. Coming from my nearly only-child status, it is overwhelming and I am usually green with envy. They have such energy and enthusiasm and great candor. I love them all. Carol and l have only been in their house about a week–and we arrive…But true to form the ‘kids’ had mobilized and it looks like they have been there for years. It is a fabulous house. I didn’t think the first old house could be beat, but this is it…very nicely remodeled.

Happy news about Al. Al had a stroke while he and Carol were in Aruba and thank God, he is much improved. Len and I were so surprised at how well he is doing. He is our hero and I guess we just love him so much we were really anxious about his recovery. He is getting great rehabilitation and apparently is really responding well. I bet he gives those therapists a run for their money. Every conversation with Al is funny and memorable. I love to think about all the terrific hilarious stories we have…referred to as Al Stories. One of the days we were there he gave us all a good scare. He complained of a headache and other stroke-like complaints. Carol sent him off to the hospital in an ambulance–they kept him a good 12 hours doing all kinds of tests–thankfully no evidence of another stroke. Carol and Al are looking forward to a shift in their work schedules and more leisure time. The new house has accommodations for chickens and rabbits…I am so jealous. It will be very Martha Stewart-like.

Len and I went to Boston two times….once a full day getting me new specs at SEE’s Optical shop–trendy frames that are not available at all in Texas. We also went to Providence, RI to hit the Italian grocery stores on Federal Hill….not quite the ambience as the North End but close enough. I had a great time with the frisky butcher at Constantio’s Venda Ravioli–Italian Grocery Store. We both had hat envy! Then Len and I scouted around for some Crema de Limoncello…whew, found some, of course. Darn, now I will have to drink it. Len and I looooove grocery stores so we had a big time and then took lots of photos. One fun stop: Purgatory. I should be so lucky to end up there—anyway, it is a state park near Oxford. It was really pretty with all the snow.

We HAD to have breakfast at the Oxford Diner the first day–oh blessed misery. To eat there or to see it? Which is best? It is fabulous diner food and the portions are enormous. Without exaggeration, the small breakfast that I ordered could feed 4 easily. I did my part. Len’s full order breakfast included an entire package (a pound?) of kielbasa! diner grillLen in diner

The snow stayed pretty and functional until just about the end of our trip. I especially liked having a huge outdoor prosecco chiller.

We said our tearful goodbyes on New Years Eve Day and went back to Boston…had dinner at North 26, the restaurant in our hotel…Bostonian…oh so very convenient for Quincy Market and the North End haunts. I can’t ever get enough of the North End. Ever. We bought too many groceries and then paid dearly to have them shipped. Those canned tomatoes that I talked Carol out of will never be opened….they are too pretty. I also found my favorite pizzelles–chocolate dipped from Bova’s Bakery…I must remember the corner of Salem and Prince. Hmmm, what else? We couldn’t even get in to Regina’s Pizzeria…this is what happens with fame. They just won the Best Pizza in Boston from some TV show. So we had to suck it up and get a slice at Faneuil Hall.

After roaming the North End and Quincy Market we went back to the hotel…did some quick texting to Rachel and Justin who were at the Gardens watching the Celtics…they came over to the hotel for a couple of drinks. It was especially fun to visit with them in that venue…They are loving living in Massachusetts.

New Years Eve dinner could have been better…the food was very good but the service was hideous and there was a guy sitting two tables away who so so loud and obnoxious. We couldn’t hear a thing. So up in our room and sound asleep by 11:00. New Year’s Day: A full day of flying home.Carol.jpg Lorenzo and Al.jpg Stuffed Banana Peppers.jpg

how to chill champagne .jpgLen and Susan new year rachel justin Len and susanKaren.jpg quincy night 2.jpg

Boston City Flow

Len Federal Hildurty nelly again.jpgKirstin and G.jpg  Crol and andy.jpg me and hat man.jpg  Me red sweater.jpg IMG_0865.jpg