I Have the Saint Anthony Candle Burning… for Spiritual Retrieval of My Losses.


I could be called the Biggest Looser. Not because of weight loss either. I am so wiped out over this sudden, really, short term memory loss. This past month it has really accelerated and I am writing more like I am dyslexic when I am doing cross word puzzles…the AARP Level 1 Keep Your Brain Going puzzles…I have loved these and I actually thought I might learn how to do them like so many of my friends and sweet Mom. I am pretty good at the real bare bones levels but I mean I can’t do one word of the others. So I am going to go see my doctor tomorrow– I hope, if I don’t forget to call. So I have a nice fire going, Hildegard von Bingen chanting in the background, and a St. Anthony candle burning invoking the retrieval of my memory, focus, creativity, super-ego, conscience, etc. Hope reigns eternal. I am surprised I didn’t write Hope rains internal. I am also losing my balance a lot and tipping to the left. That must mean something.

We are finally having winter…the high today was 40F so I have a nice pinion wood fire going…Morris has moved his cat bed to the front of the hearth on the wool rug and is nice and long on his back…belly up. So the weather. I asked Len if it was too cold to walk….He thought not so I popped off with too little clothing. I did walk faster than usual and did go 5 miles. Since it is, oh so wintery, I made vegetable soup and chili….over kill. So I will save one for tomorrow.

I am whipped. Because I slept 12 hours night before last, I was wired and stayed up until 2:00 this morning weeping my way through The Art of Racing in the Rain. Nothing like sun and sleep deprivation to lead you to a good purging cry. Honestly, I feel like I am inside a black velvet, draw string bag. I want out.

I need to plan a trip. Boston is sounding good again. The North End, of course. I found a very spiffy rental in Scituate, MA, a Chocolate tour and Chocolate cooking school, St. Anthony feast dates, and a Dale Chihuly exhibit at the Boston Museum of Art. Belinda is interested and will throw out the net to see who else might want to go. Date to be determined.

I think I will read and go to bed. OH. I bought 3 kitchen remodeling magazines, Newsweek, Easy Monday Crossword Puzzle book, and Vanity Fair. I have never been remotely interested in Vanity Fair…but Johnny Depp is on the front. I flipped through the pages and I think I want to read the entire mag. Maybe I will start reading Popular Mechanic.


One Response to “I Have the Saint Anthony Candle Burning… for Spiritual Retrieval of My Losses.”

  1. Carol Ann Says:

    You are priceless! Love you so much.

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