Hair History as Noted from US Passport Photos

I looooooooooooove my passport photos. Certainly not because they are in the least flattering but they are just so who I was at the moment.

1949: Mom with her little ringleted darling on our way to OkinawaMe and Mom 1949.jpg Passport 1970.jpg Passport 1984.jpg

1959: Missing. I think I torched it. I was a snaggle-toothed13 year old.

1970: Just about to get married and move to Germany.

1984: I really dislike this ‘hair-do’, although the 80s were good years.

1994: This hair I like. I thought I was a hot number. I was teaching at Southwest Texas State. I think I looked the part.

2004: I think I might look sort of mannish here.

Passport 1994.jpg

Passport 2004.jpg


One Response to “Hair History as Noted from US Passport Photos”

  1. I LOVE this post! There is no way you could look mannish…none of these pic could be considered the REAL you without including whatever choices you’ve made to decorate below the neck, but I love your time capsule choices for the finishing flair above the neck. Each speaks to the time, but only 1984 begins to capture your spirit; good years indeed!

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