I call it the work of the devil.

AND the IT is McDonald’s Carmel Frappé. I love the stuff. They are deeeeeelicious. And just for the record, a medium is a lot different than a small. Not different in taste but, oh so different in calories. I am saving the number for the end of the paragraph because it is so shocking. In order to self-regulate, I only drink them going to and from San Antonio. Well maybe to and from San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Temple, and Belton. I never drink them on my way back from Chicago, Salt Lake City, Topeka, or Niagara Falls. Ok now for the calories. One medium = 550 calories!!! They are the work of the devil and addictive. Considering I am on a real medication for my attention deficit disorder you might think I could avoid all the obsessive behaviors. Noooooooo, instead I focus well…on tasty 550 calorie drinks. Well, one cited side effect is decreased appetite but that is outside the need for frappés in bulk.

mcdonalds frappe


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