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Frrreeeezing: Making soup, Judging 4H Projects, Flouzy Dressing, and Procrastinating!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 10, 2011 by drycreekherbs

It is soooooo cold–but no snow. I have been holed up most of the day….I made some really good and healthy mushroom and barley soup. I mean really good….Brother Denton came by to get some for his dinner since Becky is out of town doing kinder care. I froze some for Mom too. I think she will like it unless she figures out there are some porchinni mushrooms in it. Also roasted some asparagus with pine nuts to accompany the stuffed pear salad. I did all this because I can’t make myself get involved in an MCEC project that is already overdue. How scared do I have to be to get fired up? And in-between soup making and fire building, I have danced around listening to Barry White….what a sexy voice?! Oh, and playing Word with Friends with Edward who whips me pitifully. It is almost like getting skunked. So much for the advanced degree.


Yesterday I judged at the Bell County Youth Fair for the second time. I love it. I get in a real zone. Judging sewn items. This time I was paired up with Jackie’s cousin, Renee F. We had so much fun talking and judging….she might even be interested in going to Boston with Belinda and me in August for the St. Anthony Feast Days. Susan Lawson was there too—so it was even better….after we finished our tasks, Suz and I had lunch in Salado.

Len is still freeeeezing too in El Paso. He seems to like the work and colleagues out there. He thinks he might have a two month TDY trip in Huntsville, Al in April and May. I asked if he wanted to do that long out of town and he said yes….he likes the money and the work too….I understand that. It is hard for him to be unoccupied so I hope he gets to do it. Also, every kitchen appliance is breaking so maybe it is time to remodel. I bet he would rather spend the money on a new bike!

Mickey and Morris are worthless today….they haven’t even been into the cat nip. Mickey went out and chased a few puny birds but had to come in quickly so she could use her litter box. Disgusting.


OK, opera talk: Just after being home 24 hours, I met Jackie at the Dairy Queen so we could drive to Austin to see The Italian Girl in Algiers, another opera boufĂ©. It was very boufĂ©-ish and we liked it. We really like going early to hear the lecture about the opera by Margaret Perry, I think. She is verrrrrrry enthusiastic about opera. Here is something funny I want to remember. Jackie and I do like going to the opera and we really like commiserating on what we will be wearing, etc. So as I donned my almost a mini, leopard velveteen skirt, black rouched sweater, dangly earrings, and a head full of ringlets, I decided to text her: “Looking verrrrrry cheap. tall, and wearing the wrong shoes.” I purposely left out the leopard skirt! Her response: “I will be trying too hard to look younger–wearing boots and glittery top. We will be an interesting couple (and I use the term loosely–do not be afraid.)” I wrote, “OMG, I AM AFRAID.” So with all that being said, we got out of the car and started toward the Long Center. Two older women were getting out of their car when one said, “You two are sure flashy!” No kidding. Yup, I guess we were/are. IMG_1456

After the performance we did a quick run through at Central Market so I could load up on Spirutein Protein Powder–then went for dinner at the Roaring Fork. Nice dinner and nice visit with Jackie.