Dinner Date: Central Market’s Beef Eaters Feast Cooking Class

I drove back home from San Antonio for a quick make over then Len and I headed South again so we could have our belated Valentine dinner date–at Central Market’s cooking school.


After 40 years of marriage, dinner dates aren’t necessary for conversation–we do that while brushing our teeth, emptying the dishwasher or cat’s litter box, making the bed, doing laundry, etc. So the cooking class was really a kick…very stimulating and lots to talk about. Len had never been to a cooking class and loved it! I need to get him to go with me to the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival.

We both had our very first201102222130.jpg Beef Carpaccio! I mean it is raw meat! You know I thought I would probably swoon or even get sick…but NOT–we liked it!

Beef Wellington is so-so.

I love Beef Bourguignon.

Len tries harder to please than I try.

I love Blood Orange Sorbet and will definitely learn to make it.

i learned a lot more than I thought as a Home Ec major….

DSC06872.jpg IMG_1470.jpg


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