I Faced Temptation; I Lost the Challenge and Loved the Taste of Defeat.

I just thought I was going to work today…I even think I had an appointment but it is, after all, President’s Day, so at 8:30 I texted Mary and asked if we were ‘open!’ No and hallelujah….so I had to cook. Possibly because of the Central Market Cooking Class as inspiration. I decided to make Dulche de Leche pound cake and Blood Orange Sorbet for the Mah Jongg group tomorrow. So like anything I do, it was an I Love Lucy episode gone South. Four hours after pulling out the ingredients I had on hand and sending Len, quick like a rabbit to Brookshire Bros for UNSALTED butter, I had flour in my hair and nostrils, but two loaves of an uninspired, Americanish-Oprah pound cake….yikes….looks like a plebeian pumpkin loaf. Grrrrrr.


So about the temptation. I bought what I believed to be Dulche de Leche…but it turns out to be a Mexican version of Eagle Brand Milk***. I tried, oh God, how I tried just to use the one cup noted for the recipe. But there was a 1/2 cup left in the can. Just one tiny little dip with ‘pointer’, as in preschool songs. I fell into the depths of joyful lust. It was sooooooooo good. I did it and I am only moderately ashamed, no not ashamed at all. It was good and I am somehow richer for the experience. I ate that dulche de leche and I spiraled into bliss–even if am called Barrel Butt for ever more. Who invented condensed sweetened milk anyway? Pulitzer Prize winner or burn em’ in effigy?


Then came the garnish….candied lime peel…an hour of scraping the pith off, boiling and plunging into an ice water bath THREE TIMES….what did I get? It looks for all practical purposes like candied dill pickles and tastes only a bit better. HOWEVER, the Blood Orange Sorbet i very tasty. Sadly the machine it required at $60.00 and the blood orange juice sent directly from Italy ($5.00) put the product over the national stimulus package. Mah Jongg refreshments should be limited to Ritz crackers except I just adore this kind of Home Eckish kind of day. I could have turned out beautifully.   

Finally at the end of thi very busy day, I met Karen M. and Kim H.at BJs Brewhouse to discus Katie’s shower. We are all set. AND of course, we had a wonderful time remembering Pam…each in our own individual way. We share that common love for a good friend. We agree that we all want to be remembered and loved as we loved her and now our dear Katie. I wish I could take Katie to San Miguel….hmmmm. Food for thought. I wonder if Colin, fiancee, is open minded?

***Eagle Brand Milk…who knew this? I am wiser beyond my years.

In 1856 Eagle Brand® was introduced in 1856 by Gail Borden to combat food poisoning and other illnesses related to lack of refrigeration and preservation techniques. The Civil War brought Eagle Brand the recognition required to make it a household name. The military needed milk that would keep well and Borden’s product filled that need. Additionally, Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk was credited with significantly lowering the infant mortality rate in North America. I just knew there was something righteous about this stuff. Gail Borden’s discovery provided milk that would remain safe and wholesome—at that time, an important contribution to the nourishment of infants and children!!!! Hallelujah!


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