OMG I Better Send a Personal Note of Apology

More on the title in a little bit…first to list things done recently because it makes me feel like I am still a productive member of society. Sort of.

I set out for the south on Friday with a hefty list of errands which I loooooove. Nothing makes me feel more like I am getting something off the list so I can add something else then when it is all said and done, maybe there will be some kind of award given at the end of life for mileage. It is a thought. I might be in the upper 45% bracket. Ok, move on, Susan.

Here is where the personal note of apology comes in. Recently, say the past 3 months, I have noticed a very stinky smell in my living room when I sit on of two places. I get up and do the serious nose-to-cusion whiff test and come up empty….then it occurred to me horrors, one of the cats has urinated on the lovely carpet….but I can’t bend over that far to tell for sure….So, Len agrees to help me pull it up and get it cleaned no matter what. We pull it up, flip it over and there are two very large spots on the back…no cat could ever produce that much urine. OMG. I bet people talk about me. I am MORTIFIED. So where did the spots come from? I can only surmise that from the late, great Abbey who died 5 years ago!!!!! Is there anything I can say? I really am mortified. I don’t know of any other dog who has been in the house.

Back to errands…it all ties together here in a minute. I do a quick consult with, “Eddieisready”, hair stylist, dress consultant, interior designer, and all-knowing where-to-go-in-Austin friend. He sends me, no kidding, to Deep Eddy’s rug and carpet cleaning…and only in Austin would this multigenerational business tout a one of a kind process for the entire US and they only use rainwater….very green. So, I had a long ride to Austin with the windows down in the car and Febreeze sprayed every 5 miles….I get it to Deep Eddy’s and I am nearly nauseous…they help me get it out and after calculations determine it will only cost $191.00 which I think is a verrrrrrry good deal. As I am leaving the cute owner and I walk into the processing center together. I ask if I can look around and he says not only yes, but gives me a little tour. Ok, ok. I tell him about my carpet and he checks it out, lifting it up and whew, a surge of blinding odor wafts out. Both of us blot our eyes….he said, well, nothing can guarantee that odor can be eliminated unless you go for the 24 hour disinfectant soak….I had to agree….can’t keep that nasty thing in the house. So after recalculations the cost is $695.00! Damn. I know it will be worth it if it really gets the worse-than-skunk odor out.

After that it was a slippery slope…I had lunch with Belinda at the Roaring Fork on Congress where we shared a free Austin style crab cake….very tasty…made with whole kernel corn and jalapeno pepper . Free, because I am a full-fledged, card carrying, Frequent Eater and one of maybe 17 in the US who actually read their newsletter and saw the offer. Enough of the mind numbing details, we had a grrrrrrreat visit. We were both inspired to go forth and conquer. I just read the following on Taylor’s blog.

I like this. Go Willie!

Whatever you can do

or dream you can

begin it

Boldness has genius


and magic in it.

Wilhelm von Goethe


After lunch, I went to get Len a new bicycle basket for his new in-town bike, I like to think of it as a town car or a coupe. He needs it for his next TDY trip. From there to a consignment shop to drop of Len’s 16 Tommy Bahama shirts that I am determined to sell, then on to San Antonio. It was a high rollin’, frisky morning but ended in a long dreary ride. Can’t have it all, I guess! IMG_0921.jpg And you cannot have enough hats, either….and speaking of, my order of 12 hats from the Atlanta Apparel market came in. I loooooove them all…but where can I wear them? Who says, I’m excessive and/or dramatic?


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