A Home Visit, Living in the New Normal (LINN) in Austin

I am just back from a visit with Mom et all in San Antonio. I stayed three night which pleased her enormously. I am a schmuck for not going more often or staying longer. I had some work to do so I spent some time at a local library…very cool library shared with the high school. So it is a school facility until 4:30 then it is public. I think that is a good use of taxpayers’ money or is monies? Anyway, I did get to work with deep focus at the library on the MCEC book. It is driving me nuts and I can’t wait until it is finished. IF I do another one I will have a well-defined work flow that I did not have this time.


So what else? Not much really. I came back north to Austin where I did some coaching for a LINN training. Karol, is not really a new trainer but I had not observed her and I was able to work on the book when she wasn’t teaching. She is great, of course. After the training on Tuesday I did a nice little 3 mile walk up and down Congress. I like Austin. I think I could see me living there. Belinda and I me up after her work on Monday and had a fun dinner at the East Side Cafe…we love their decorator, free range chickens. I had deeeelicious Mushroom Crepes. We agreed on a good flight to San Miguel so I purchased the tickets…I love to think about us volunteering at their International Chamber Music Festival….oh, we will be shinin’ Tickets are purchased so we are getting in the zone.

I like the Austin art photos…one a side of a building and the other a very cool Austin Food Truck…very arty i think.

IMG_1479.jpg IMG_1482.jpg IMG_1483.jpg


One Response to “A Home Visit, Living in the New Normal (LINN) in Austin”

  1. Sally Hartwig Says:

    Oooooooo Susan…I think that rusty siding, blue window photo might need to be done on canvas and hung somewhere showy…I love it! Sally

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