CrepeY Leg Syndrome…I have it.

I guess it is just all about gravity…I am growing a Karl Malden nose, my ear lobes are 2 inches long, and now my legs are beginning to droop. I must start hanging upside down in the closet like a bat to reverse this dire situation. A very dear older friend, who has since died, used to wear panty hose under her bathing suit. She said it made her legs look prettier and I think she had something there. Since panty hose are almost extinct now I guess I will have to wear leggins’ or Spanx…


I am dropping this line of negative talk. I have too many friends who really are ill so I can’t be silly about floppy legs. Now I am feeling guilty and ashamed. Let me talk about my trip to Reno or did I do that already? Better do a quick check of my journal online. Nope, have not written about Reno. Here goes. I was supposed to coach a new trainer in Nevada…at the last minute she had a family emergency so had to drop out…I offered to drop out too but the office wanted me to go and help the support person as she was going to step in as a trainer and she was new…Linda. By the time I was on the plane the trouble started to escalate. The second trainer, Patsy, couldn’t get there…her flights were cancelled and when she was rerouted she found herself stuck in Arizona. It was a comedy of misadventures…and the bottom line is that I had to be a trainer even though I had never seen the trainer manual till I got there. I could carry on and on but the real happy news is that it turned out quite nicely. Linda and I did a good job and I almost enjoyed it. I did not like the surprise or the anxiety of it all though.

Linda and I enjoyed our time after the training…we took the rental car to Lake Tahoe where there was a lot of snow and a casino to loose $20.00 bucks in really fast at the slots. I just don’t think gambling is fun. Maybe if I won. I tried a machine called Kitty Glitter…The weather was nice in Reno and cold at Tahoe. Pretty, pretty, pretty. Linda and I had a delicious dinner at 201103192018.jpg the 4th Street201103192019.jpg Bistro–I had a Wild Mushroom Tart and also Grilled Niman Ranch Pork Tenderloin with Apple Cider braised Red Cabbage, and White polenta and Grainy Mustard Aîoli with a very tasty new wine–a 2009 l’ Authentique from Sancerre, France. Linda knows wine.

Commentary on casinos. I think they are incredibly depressing. The two we visited were small, dark, smokey, and empty. I used the ATM machine in one and almost got stuck with a $14.99 usage fee! Fortunately, the book keeper in the ‘cage’ voided the ticket. Yikes.


Made it home without incident.

IMG_1492.jpg IMG_1487.jpg

One Response to “CrepeY Leg Syndrome…I have it.”

  1. Jennifer Kirkpatrick Says:

    I too find casinos to be sad, sad places. Las Vegas was completely depressing to me. Of course, that impression might have been influenced by the fact that I was 7 months pregnant when I was there. Or, maybe, that makes my accessment unclouded by the typical Vegas veils. Either way, George and Reba rocked!

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