Since I have been home….

Not a lot new. I had lunch with Belinda in Austin before my hair appointment. We are making plans togo toBoston in August for Saint Anthony’s Feast Day and also to take a class in beekeeping. I like my Attention Deficit Disorder medication…not that I am über focused just not twitchy. It is an improvement. I have mostly been working on the MCEC corporate/donor book. I think it is ready to be uploaded and sent off into cyberspace tomorrow. I need to get a hard copy draft fast so I can see what it really looks like. Also I will be letting my Santa Fe Workshop chums and teacher look at it online for their editorial comments. That kind of rattles me.

Disappointment. I am not going to Savannah for a coaching gig next week. Money is so tight now and I am an expense that can be eliminated pretty easily.

Icons 1.jpg Another thing I learned from co-trainer, new chum, Linda in Reno: British sit com series called Doc Martin. I am absolutely 100% addicted. I can’t get enough of it. I watched the first year’s series in two nights on my Ipad…laying in bed chuckling. I am such an Anglophile.


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