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I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. That pretty much says it all.

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Two weeks and half weeks ago, I met Mary for brunch in Georgetown…it was a good visit and a good lunch. Afterwards I did some shopping for vintage glassware to use at Katie’s shower…came home–felt kinda funky and took a nap. That was the beginning. The remainder of that week I would feel puny then fine…I even went to one library space committee meeting and another day met Ann for breakfast. But between those times I just slept–like about 10 hours during the day and all night long. Zero appetite. All this time Len is readying for his 4 week trip to Alabama. I really didn’t want to have him postpone his trip then if I bounced back he would have missed a fun job and I would feel guilty…. so I thoroughly encouraged him to go on with the trip. Late Friday I finally went in to see my doctor. You know i just can’t remember too many details. My skin hurt, my eyes hurt, my joints were swollen and red, my fever raged to 103 F, I had a rash from my ankles to my neck, etc. You know I can’t even remember what next…yes, Doxyclyn–handfuls of Advil and Benadryl…Had 28 vials of blood drawn and total of 5 visits to see doctor with my chums taking me and even sitting in so someone would remember what I was supposed to do. I have the best girl friends in the wide world. Belinda drove up from Moulton, TX Easter weekend to get me on track with Katie’s shower which is here this Saturday. Belinda and Susan H. are coming tomorrow night and again on Saturday. Susan L, Peggie, Becky, Shelley, Babs, and Jackie fed me and toted me when I had to go out. I am triple blessed. Meanwhile Len kept calling and threatening to come home…no way…all he could do is watch me sleep…and really girl friends are sometimes better with reading the sick.

So I have turned the corner…I have been referred to the Infectious Disease Department–and get this–the earliest I can be seen is June 2nd. I sure hope I don’t still have symptoms but I am going because I am determined to figure this out…Shane really thinks I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever but no dead tick! He is also sending me to a Rheumatoid Specialist. I have no history with sick…I am thin however long that will last with the Prednisone.

Today I went to the library, the post office and Walmart. I put on make up, which I might add is becoming something of a trial….I have awful tremors…hence eyebrows that look like fuzzy cflowers1935.jpg orange caterpillar….OMG, I may have to have my eyebrows dyed! I wouldn’t mind it but what if it comes out blue or jet black or red? I looooooove make up and now I shake like I have DTs.

Neice Karen, and her family, David, and Samuel were in Texas for spring break from Mass. I felt so awful I couldn’t even do my Loretta Young hostessing. I enjoyed seeing them for a couple of hours….they even went to the grocery store for me. No kidding I have been pitiful and I have had it. Done. Finito. I am moving on.

Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On — Maybe Too Much Shakin’!

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I think Jerry Lee Lewis’ song titles are soooo descriptive and worthy titles for a journal commentary….in particular, Big Legged Woman is the most memorable…wouldn’t it make a verrrry interesting grave stone? As a teenager, I used to think having a song written about you would be sooooo romantic….not Big Legged Woman. Anyway today’s title, Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On, is all about just so much going on in general. Here is another thing: Jerry Lee was or is (Is he dead?) wrote some very suggestive songs…very suggestive. No wonder, he did marry his 14 year old cousin after all. Twisted.

OK: I wrote last in March and I have had a zillion clever thoughts since then and even made some notes but they are lost or forgotten so now I am just going to punt and sound like I am not on medications which by the way I am not right now. I haven’t had any in two days on purpose…I have opted for alcohol since it was more appropriate. Figure that out. (After reading this, I realize it is clear I wasn’t taking my ADD medicine.)

Ok, a few weeks ago I was walking up our dirt road and thought what a shame it was that in my 64 years I have never discovered a rare coin or what I reeeeeeeally want is to find a real, genuine arrow head right there in the dirt road. This way I can think of an entire culture right there or near by…I can get away from thinking about me, me, me. It will be like visiting a grave yard and seeing all those gone before me….what were their burdens? I mean they are still dead and whatever gnashing of teeth or beating of breasts they are still dead. I am sounding agnostic again. I hope I get religion before it is all over.

OK: I probably won’t find an arrowhead and I probably won’t get to dance with a tall, dark, swarthy guy on American Bandstand either…all while wearing a pencil skirt, white blouse with a Peter Pan collar, scarf at the neck and penny loafers. I really wanted to do that…slow dancing preferred.

OK again: Since the last entry- I picked up the carpet and all urine odors are gone, gone, gone. It is a miracle and worth the big bucks…especially since Katie’s shower is the end of this month and I don’t want women swooning from malodorous vapors.

OK again: I have been trying on clothes and buying clothes and having friends critique me in iPhone photos taken in the clothes. It is because I have lost 15 pounds according to adolescent doctor…who thinks it could be my medication…he is so funny, he says, he might start taking it since he has put on some weight. Back to the story(ies). In spite of the CURRENT weight loss, I still have a hefty bosom….when did that happen? I used to be flat chested…now I am looking like a Mama Dog. I have bought numerous ‘outfits’ as Mom calls them. Most of them Sally would call costumes–they are either huge flax bags that look like they came from Marrakech — and where exactly is Marrakech, anyway? Or they are voile florals with plunging necklines for old crepeY cleavage–oh, and with asymmetrical hems (very costume-like, reminiscent of belly dancing outfits, thank you Sally!) I think they remind me of the BBC sit com but I can’t remember the name if I ever knew it. I love ornamentals….Susan L says I am a Clothes Hanger. I also love make up….such a girly at 64.25 years-old.

Have I ever mentioned that Len is dear? He has danced with me (fast, swing style) in Garden Ridge (people clapped their approval)….where they pipe in very cool ‘be-bop’ much like they do in the PX, Commissary, and HEB….maybe sock hops should happen at these locations. Len CAN be almost wonderful. Seriously, I sound like a Law and Order Bi Polar character tonight. And, I think I have written about this on multiple occasions because I like(d) it so much.

OK again: Since last entry Katie and Collins made a house call and GOOD GORDON, they were absolutely brilliant with ideas. Brilliant. I have so many new kitchen options I hardly know what to do. Of course, I have to say it, Pam, please be able to see and know all of this. Katie is divine. She is like you in so many ways….I reallly hope you know all of this. She lets me talk about you now without seeming uncomfortable.

MAX AND SUZ IN THE GARDEN.jpg Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 6.18.23 PM.png

OK: I have been compelled to make homemade bread. Pretty darn good, I might add…but very bad for crowns (as in artificial teeth!). What with baking and farming with Max I have been a real homemaker!

OK: Babs and I took a ‘bead making class’. Not much of a class but we had a good time and a good lunch.

OK some more: The MCEC book looks verrrrrrrrrrrry good. It might even be very, ├╝ber good. It is being given to those who make $10,000. plus donations to MCEC. It is 90% art by military kids and some poetry too. This is why I went to the Santa Fe Photography Workshop back in November. Yup, I am pretty proud of it.

OK again: So now, Len says we have to replace the roof in order to remodel the kitchen. He sure is generous these days and I am grateful….I suspect he thinks we are really nearly old so we should spend it all so not to have to give it to the Wicken Church in Copperas Cove. This is a joke, by the way. And, hello, not only did Collins and Katie come over for a brainstorming event….so did Edward and Mac! How lucky am I? Sunday after church, they came over and spent a few hours giving me brilliant ideas and having drinks….I am not a good daytime drinker so I was at a disadvantage. Len did say I was not obnoxious until after they were gone…then he said I was very chatty. That makes me smile. Since I had wine during the day I ‘took to my bed’ at 6:00 pm where I had more wine, watched 4 episodes of Doc Martin, and texted Katie while she had her wedding photos done in Austin!


Scan 2.jpg

OK: Ladies day out with Susan and Becky at the Scott & White Luncheon. Shelly-belle was one of the lovely models…all very elegant in their own ‘vintage’ clothing…very cool idea.

IMG_1513.jpg IMG_1512.jpg

Again OK: Lauralyn and I had a great breakfast therapy session. Very good for both of us.

Linda N. died. She really was one of the saints. I never knew anyone who exemplified such total goodness. It was a very lovely funeral and I am totally downplaying it and how her life will resonate for so many. I just don’t get it….

But it is OK or will be.

San Antonio Reflection

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Vsisited Roberta and Ed at the nursery. Ed was my boyfriend before I met Len…and he was in our wedding and he planned our honeymoon since Len was in Germany. The Air Force Police wouldn’t let him on base because he didn’t have a fender on his car and he had real long hair! I think Len had to go get him! I love Roberta; she is a saint and I love Ed in spite of him! IMG_1549.jpg

I bought some fluzzy dresses at the Texas Painted Lady while I was in San Antonio….a real over-the-top place that caters to Rodeo Queens. I like them and I think I will be able to wear them during the coming up wedding season! Maybe I can get a job in a bar…not just any bar…but one where looking like a senior show girl has merit.

Spurs vs Celtics–Bummer! We lost.

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Len and I went to see the Spurs play the Celtics….it was a real date and we had so much fun. We even are talking about getting a season package of 25 games or something like that. I had no idea–I have never been to a professional basketball game. Very entertaining. Good grief, they really do wear costumes…real costumes. Truly, I could wear all the black and rhinestones I own and fit right in. It was just so tense though and what on earth is the matter with the Spurs? They couldn’t do anything right. Now that I have addressed their skills, now to write about how interesting and cute they are. I might have to make a scrapbook about Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili….like teen girls used to do in the 40s over stars and athletes and their feats!!!!! Well, let’s add Tim Duncan and David Robinson, after all. I just plain like basketball — in fact, I sort of get it.   IMG_0970 Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 10.55.02 PMIMG_0973

Food commentary: we ate jalapeno sausage swith sauerkraut, potato chips, brewskis, and ice cream. It was a kick. Now Len and I want to go to more games and Belinda and I think we might like to volunteer at the games…whatever that might mean! There is actually a group of very senior women who do very modern dance moves…wearing black slacks and white t shirts….this could work for me. IMG_1010