Spurs vs Celtics–Bummer! We lost.

Len and I went to see the Spurs play the Celtics….it was a real date and we had so much fun. We even are talking about getting a season package of 25 games or something like that. I had no idea–I have never been to a professional basketball game. Very entertaining. Good grief, they really do wear costumes…real costumes. Truly, I could wear all the black and rhinestones I own and fit right in. It was just so tense though and what on earth is the matter with the Spurs? They couldn’t do anything right. Now that I have addressed their skills, now to write about how interesting and cute they are. I might have to make a scrapbook about Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili….like teen girls used to do in the 40s over stars and athletes and their feats!!!!! Well, let’s add Tim Duncan and David Robinson, after all. I just plain like basketball — in fact, I sort of get it.   IMG_0970 Screen shot 2011-04-01 at 10.55.02 PMIMG_0973

Food commentary: we ate jalapeno sausage swith sauerkraut, potato chips, brewskis, and ice cream. It was a kick. Now Len and I want to go to more games and Belinda and I think we might like to volunteer at the games…whatever that might mean! There is actually a group of very senior women who do very modern dance moves…wearing black slacks and white t shirts….this could work for me. IMG_1010



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