I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. That pretty much says it all.

Two weeks and half weeks ago, I met Mary for brunch in Georgetown…it was a good visit and a good lunch. Afterwards I did some shopping for vintage glassware to use at Katie’s shower…came home–felt kinda funky and took a nap. That was the beginning. The remainder of that week I would feel puny then fine…I even went to one library space committee meeting and another day met Ann for breakfast. But between those times I just slept–like about 10 hours during the day and all night long. Zero appetite. All this time Len is readying for his 4 week trip to Alabama. I really didn’t want to have him postpone his trip then if I bounced back he would have missed a fun job and I would feel guilty…. so I thoroughly encouraged him to go on with the trip. Late Friday I finally went in to see my doctor. You know i just can’t remember too many details. My skin hurt, my eyes hurt, my joints were swollen and red, my fever raged to 103 F, I had a rash from my ankles to my neck, etc. You know I can’t even remember what next…yes, Doxyclyn–handfuls of Advil and Benadryl…Had 28 vials of blood drawn and total of 5 visits to see doctor with my chums taking me and even sitting in so someone would remember what I was supposed to do. I have the best girl friends in the wide world. Belinda drove up from Moulton, TX Easter weekend to get me on track with Katie’s shower which is here this Saturday. Belinda and Susan H. are coming tomorrow night and again on Saturday. Susan L, Peggie, Becky, Shelley, Babs, and Jackie fed me and toted me when I had to go out. I am triple blessed. Meanwhile Len kept calling and threatening to come home…no way…all he could do is watch me sleep…and really girl friends are sometimes better with reading the sick.

So I have turned the corner…I have been referred to the Infectious Disease Department–and get this–the earliest I can be seen is June 2nd. I sure hope I don’t still have symptoms but I am going because I am determined to figure this out…Shane really thinks I have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever but no dead tick! He is also sending me to a Rheumatoid Specialist. I have no history with sick…I am thin however long that will last with the Prednisone.

Today I went to the library, the post office and Walmart. I put on make up, which I might add is becoming something of a trial….I have awful tremors…hence eyebrows that look like fuzzy cflowers1935.jpg orange caterpillar….OMG, I may have to have my eyebrows dyed! I wouldn’t mind it but what if it comes out blue or jet black or red? I looooooove make up and now I shake like I have DTs.

Neice Karen, and her family, David, and Samuel were in Texas for spring break from Mass. I felt so awful I couldn’t even do my Loretta Young hostessing. I enjoyed seeing them for a couple of hours….they even went to the grocery store for me. No kidding I have been pitiful and I have had it. Done. Finito. I am moving on.


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