Katie’s Shower

It was a grrrreat shower and it went off without a hitch thanks to girl friends. Belinda and Susan were invaluable. Belinda drove here three separate times to do napkin folding and setting the table and to bring me serving pieces. She brought Susan one time then Susan came a second time today to be the scullery winch. I am so blessed. She is beautiful and brilliant and she served and did dishes so I could sit up at greet guests. I have to say I didn’t know if I could pull it off. It is just so hard to walk and I am so weak. Today I wonder if I have Guillian-Barre Syndrome. Stop it! Gloomy girl. Where is your unmanageable optimism? Get to the good news.DSC06903.jpg

The Shower. Karen, Kim, and Susan got here at 11:00 as I requested…then we all basically stood around and chatted till 2:00. I was so afraid it would unravel. It didn’t at all. Susan brought the beautiful blue hydrangeas and they looked gorgeous on the table. Suddenly everyone was here. Karen had the chicken crepes all hot and ready and Kim did the veggies. I managed to pour up the Fuzzy Navel Punch (peach schnapps, orange juice, and champagne).

Katie received all kinds of treasures and she seemed thrilled. Melissa, Pam’s cousin and Katie’s Godmother, is correctly serving as mother-of-the-bride. She is perfect and does the perfect job. What can I say? It was stupendous and I thank God for my girl friends.DSCF0170.jpg DSCF0171.jpg DSC06915.jpg


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