Katie’s Wedding: A Great Celebration and Pam Would Be Proud


Little Katie is married! She is Katie Gregory now. Married on Pam’s birthday.

I was teaching Child Development the year Katie was born….Pam invited me to come in for the labor and I eagerly accepted so to round out my knowledge and because she was my BFF. That was all a good plan until she had her first serious contraction….I started crying….so I spent the rest of the time sitting in the waiting room with Laverne, Mike’s Mom.

Back to the wedding. It was absolutely lovely—in the backyard of their neighbor which is right on a cliff overlooking Lake Belton and right next door to Katie and Mike’s house and same vista. It was nip and tuck for the weather….it never really rained but it did sprinkle and had a heck of a good lightening show….so as the minister directed us to be seated quickly so he could marry them fast! Katie was gorgeous and poised and did all the right things. Mike said when asked who was giving her away, he responded rightfully, “Her family.” I didn’t even get weepy and I was sure I would. I knew Pam would have loved it….and now that I am writing about it, I am getting weepy now. I wore my contacts for the first time in over a year and I suppose I knew I couldn’t cry and still wear them and have make up on. Vanity always rules with me.

I loved the informality of the wedding. Katie had a cool party favor called a flip book. I thought it was like the booth Hope had at her wedding but this was different. You could pick props to wear or hold and they made a 7 second video which they turned into stills and collated into a mini bound book which you flipped with your thumb so it looked like moving pictures. Very cool. Len and I had ours done and I loved it but I think I lost it. I think–because I drank too much last night. Waaaaaaay too much. Last night and today Len said, “I don’t like to see you that way.” Yikes….He assured me though that I was only ‘that way’ when I got home because I had still another styrofoam cup of wine after we left. Ok, more on the wedding. They served pasta salad, fruit, little meat sandwiches and PEANUT BUTTER AND GRAPE JELLY SANDWICHES! I ate three. Oh. The wedding program was printed on the flip side of fans like they used to have in churches. On the front of the fans was printed either ‘Kissy Kissy’, or ‘Yah’, or ‘Congrats’.

Oh, the reception was in Katie and Mike’s yard…tables and chairs and fairy lights over the dance floor with a disc jockey playing polkas, heavy metal, and rock. Pam would really have loved the polkas. Len and I sat with the Harvey women…that is my former cheerleader, Nicola, and her Mom, Freda, and sister, Hope, and Hope’s daughter….Those are the prettiest young women. Nicola and I had fun reminiscing about her wedding…..Pam and I did the reception decorating 15 years ago. It was fun to see all of Katie’s family, also known as Pam’s family and friends from Temple High School. Those were my happiest working years.DSC_1519.jpg

I think I will just stack the photos below instead of trying to get them with the right text since I can’t seem to do that very well.







One Response to “Katie’s Wedding: A Great Celebration and Pam Would Be Proud”

  1. Nicola Mundschau Says:

    What an honor to be part of such a beautiful family and memory! Highlight of the year! Could not stop telling Perry, my daughter, that it would be a dream to see a day like that for her…no hurry!

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