The Road to Recovery Involves Getting Back on the Horse

That cryptic title just means that I have just decided to push myself physically…never mentally or emotionally. Pleeeeeeease. If I don’t push myself, I will just end up all flaccid, for heaven’s sake. So I joined the Salado gym for the third time. The first time was right after I retired and I was dedicated and attended and used the equipment regularly for two years. For me that is eternity. Then I joined again and went one time. Let’s see how I do this time. Three is a charm. I am going to try to do a weight class so to firm up my 64 year-old chicken wings. I went today and OMG. I used the toddler weights and after a half an hour my entire muscular system was twitching’. The hiney end must have been a sight. It twitched for an hour.DSC06977.jpg

So for the second big outing of my convalescence I went to Dallas to see Sally and Jay–it was a pretty quick trip. I invited Sally to lunch but it ends up she treated me to the most divine salad at her beautiful house. We didn’t have much time but we did a great job catching up and sharing books, ideas, and laughs. How lucky to just meet someone on a tour and find we are simpatico. Jay and I enjoyed a great visit…decorating, eating, and shopping. It is pretty amazing that Jay really enjoys me after all these years of just tolerating me. I have total compassion for Jay which is also pretty amazing. He is so totally alone and misses Dan every minute of every day. Jay’s new apartment is very nice although he is already talking about next year when he moves…this next time he says he will go to a retirement home. Jay is 82.



When I got back from Dallas I went home, unloaded my suitcase then went straight to happy hour to meet the chums at the Stagecoach Inn. Next day: Foy’s Garden Soiree. Again, the mean age was 80something. There were two other people my age and maybe one in her 40s. Damned outliers. It was a beeeeeeeautiful day and Foy had everything very Traditional Homeish. Little tea cups with sweet flower centerpieces. I wore a shamelessly smutty dress….so short my broken capillaries looked like part of the hemline.

The next couple of days I did Home Ec-ery…I pickled about 22 jars of beets then made a dress, for cryin’ out loud. I loved it. I knew I was on the mend. So for about a month I was sick as I ever want to be again and now bouncing back just in time for Len to be home. He was thrilled to be back and made much ado over me and his common house cats. He will be home for a while before he heads back……he thinks he will also have a contract in the Cape Cod area….lucky. Speaking of travel, I renewed my subscription to Caretaker’s Gazette. I want to house sit in a posh English home.

Today after ‘weights’ Len picked me up and we did errands. After a hearty fat-lade yummy lunch at Cathy’s, a popular local eatery. We went to a dozen places including the PX where I bought another shamelessly slutty cotton frock…in the MATERNITY department. What is the world coming to? I remember when pregnant women didn’t get out of the car, when dresses were like tents, when slacks had holes cut in the front for the stomach to poke through, and when nothing was form fitting. Well, anyway my little cotton frock is as bold as you can get and it came from the maternity department. Oh, I am NOT pregnant-merely large framed.

I’t is good to be well and back on the horse again.


One Response to “The Road to Recovery Involves Getting Back on the Horse”

  1. Not only back, but better than ever! This was a laugh out loud treat to read a few times over. I’m reading a book that may end up on my recommended list [I’m not finished yet] called “How to LIVE: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (while they are still on this earth)” by Henry Alford. I know I’d like HIM a lot if he came to dinner. Anyway, his mother, who is searching for a retirement community, calls them “finishing schools” and I think Jay would like that concept too, don’t you? I’m going to hold on to that one. Welcome back, Susan, and come here as often as you can! Sally

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