I Am Soooooooo Totallllllly Bored.

Dull, dull day. I went to the farmer’s market, the gym, the grocery store, baked the last of 42 mini loaves of zucchini bread, re-painted the rocking chair, and re-potted a plant. I am just waiting around to go to bed so I can get up and dress up for church then come home and mow.


A little about the zucMediym zuchinni.jpgchini bread. Since I have invested probably thousands of dollars into my garden I am hell bent to use all the veggies and fruit. But I have stiff competition. The damned critters: Raccoons, squirrels, and worst still, the deer. I am thinking of committing a hate crime against them or possibly putting a contract out on them. Because of this miserable drought they are all hungry and thirsty….ok, now I am feeling bad that I am begrudging them nourishment. Back to my bitterness. I could make hundreds of loaves of zucchini bread, and I might add, I make some mean zucchini bread….BUT the deer have finished the crop. I am glad they don’t know how to dig up my potatoes. That would be THE limit.

I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. B, the rheumatologist. I am perfectly healthy. No explaining the malady. He said they probably did $10,000. worth of lab work on me and no conclusions. That makes me feel guilty too. So to save me a trip back to see Dr. Shane he gave me a referral to a podiatrist to see if I can get rid of the Morton’s Neuroma. You know I sort of feel like a hypochondriac. What I have decided to do is to cancel the follow up with the Infectious Disease doctor. There is no sense in another appointment.

Len had a great play day in Alabama somewhere. He played a Robert Trent Jones golf course. I love it when he takes advantage of being out of town and does something interesting. He said he played pretty well and most importantly, he said he had fun! I don’t think Len has fun too often.

Becky and Bob picked me up last night for impromptu happy hour at the Range. Joe Berg was singing…he is to be commended. Not many people at our age suddenly decide to be a Lounge Lizard. He really loves doing it and he has made quite a name for himself locally. Joann and I decided last night that we would like to be show girls. As in Las Vegas show girls. We both love to over dress and don’t mind at all looking kind of cheap. I wish there were some Follies we could audition for. showgirl.jpg

I just took a little break. I went in to wrap up the bread and was lamenting to myself how bored I was when I remembered the IRONING. So I did have a nice little ironing session. I could have been the best kind of housekeeper. I love household stuff and ironing is the very best therapy. I am saving about 5 things so I can have sow fun tomorrow too.

I had breakfast with Katie Wednesday and she sent me some really great photos from the wedding and the shower so I am going to back track and republish those pages. Tomorrow I absolutely am going to ‘slurp’ part of this journal into Booksmart so I can have a hard copy. I started doing this journal two years ago this month so it will be June to June volumes. IMG_1589.jpg

I love this photo. Every time I go to get my hair done Edward et al teaches me a new phone application. The one he was teaching me in this photo has some really clever photo editing elements. I think Edward doesn’t like his photo being made so this really is a keeper. He is my clothing consultant, decorating consultant, shopping guide, make up guru, and fierce competitor with Words with Friends. I believe I have beaten him two times….and I have a pretty well developed vocabulary but I just can’t do the game. I play with two stylists from the salon, Barbara, and now my former colleague from Temple High, Carol Scott. She has been in Dallas for over 20 years…and that is how long it has been since I have seen her or talked to her…and we play scrabble every day. Technology, go figure.


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