What Sally Wrote and Wow — Very Accurate

This is an email from Sally in response to how I felt when I got the news. She is a great writer and captured the spirit of the shock. I hope she won’t kill me for including this.

We just blithely wander around looking at the scenery from day to day and that damn truck that’s heading in our direction doesn’t even honk his horn before barreling into us. And then we can’t even catch our breath before we have to make some DECISIONS, although we are required to wait CALMLY for information that affects the decisions, trying to interpret language we’ve never heard before in the meantime…”very scary????????” Who trained these people? And did you really have pictures on your web post????
And of course everyone who loves you [including me] will be bugging the daylights out of you in the upcoming days, so you’d better just plan on blogging every morning to keep the dogs in the house. Just blather all you want, with everything that’s on your mind and what kept you up at night, so you don’t have to tell each of us the same story every day when we call to exhaust you with friendship….
This truly is a “sister” experience, even among those of us who haven’t been there yet; we all know it’s just a matter of time for our own turn in the box. You will do it better than the rest of us will, I know this…
Many hugs. s

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