Molly Kitridge, 1899 Quotation: “It’s My TIme in Life to Ride High”

Great quotation found on my newly purchased Confidence candle. I can’t find anything about her on the internet but I like the idea. Well-said, Molly! The label says facetiously that fin burning the candle you will acquire more bravery, grit, guts, heart, nerve, & bravado. Bring it on, sister Molly!

So, I am back from Nashville. The conference was good, ran smoothly, and it was THE perfect place for me this past week. I had dinner with Mary, Delanie, Sandy, Joyce, and new-to me-Board member, Barbara. I got to practice my, “I have breast cancer” proclamation. I probably should have been more thoughtful about that but I think it was very good. WE didn’t talk about it more than 5 minutes before we moved on to recipes, Doc Martin, books, etc. I think it was very good, in fact. Afterwards, we went our separate ways, I went back to my room when Susan IMG_1058.JPG called with the offer of a drink in their room. Bros. Bill had bought some Jack Daniels—fact is, it was like a Jack smorgasbord….3 pints of different Jack D….Bill said he thought one would catch my fancy….helllllllo, yes it did. Jack Daniel Honey. He had a pint; he had one glass; I drank the rest of the pint. Very tasty. Something like a liquid Luden cough drop with hootch. It eased the anxiety, I can say for sure. This has inspired me to make my own cough drops….and sure enough on the web I found the following. I am dropping zucchini bread production –switching to cough drops made with Jack Daniel’s Honey! I found this recipe and the last line says add whatever….I am thinking’ JD Honey!


Honey Cough Drops

½ Cup honey and a candy thermometer

Put honey in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir constantly; bring honey to a boil. Attach candy thermometer; continue stiring until the honey reaches a temperature of 300-310 F. Honey will burn very quickly, so it is important not to leave it. Reduce the heat to a simmer if necessary (if the honey seems to be heating up too fast or you smell scorched honey).

Immediately remove from heat; check for the right consistency by dropping a few drops of the cooked honey into a cup of ice water. Let it get cold then feel the drops. They should feel like hard candy. If the honey is still soft, return to heat and cook a little longer and repeat the ice water test again. Continue to stir , off the heat until honey cools enough to drop by teaspoonfuls onto a well-greased solid surface. It needs to be runny but less than when you first took it from the heat.

Do not wait too long or honey will be impossible to remove from pan. Work quickly. Don’t skimp on greasing surface or the drops become permanent. Silpat will help to release drops for the surface once cooled.

Allow drops to cool completely. Do not refrigerate to hasten process. Pop drops off surface with a dinner knife. Best to wrap individually. Store in a cool dry place. You can add Jack Daniel’s Honey whisky to the cooking liquid while cooking. Hmmmmmm.


One Response to “Molly Kitridge, 1899 Quotation: “It’s My TIme in Life to Ride High””

  1. susan mcclintock Says:

    I bought that candle for a very close and dear friend named Molly. When I googled Molly Kitridge your blog appeared. This is a blessing of sorts. See my Molly has a blog since she was newly diagnosed with breast cancer. I will be mailing her candle today along with information about you. I think Susan Krals story will have more in common with my Molly. God Bless you and thanks for your words, honesty, and story. If you are intrested her blog can be found at

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