OMG…after 30+ years a grrrrrrrreat reunion


I had the BEST time seeing my former roommate–Nancy! If laughter is the best medicine, I had a good super sonic dose. We met at the Roaring Fork, my favorite restaurant in San Antonio….I even had a mojito….We laughed sooooooooo hard. It was great and I look forward to another visit! I am revitalized.! We were sitting there having laughs and Nancy said, “Oh my gosh, I remember you always used to do that.” I said, “WHAT?” She went on to tell me I always used to take my index finger and run it around my lips! I didn’t know that!!! I do that? I never knew.

We had some verrrrrrrrry fine times in the day…I get spooked just thinking’ about them!

On toward Central Texas by way of Edward and hair cutting. Edward is being very dear to me….all of Mint is…I am feeling very tender toward them right now. OK, I am getting just a little sappy. TIme to go to bed.


One Response to “OMG…after 30+ years a grrrrrrrreat reunion”

  1. OK Susan,
    Just to let you know, my connections are right up there with those of the two priests and my prayers are with you.. I am thinking that against all odds you will probably keep the hair or it will grow back faster and thicker than anyone could ever imagine.

    I really think you should write one of those books that resides in you during this time. Make the first one about dreams. I remember some of your stories about dreaming. There is healing in laughter and good stories.

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