I haaaaaaaaate this waiting around. I am getting my Ju Ju doll and pokin’ it!


Very cool Ju Ju doll….sent to me by Deborah Ann C. from Dallas. We met in San Miguel. It is a black ‘voodoo’ with spanish moss hair and all kinds of charms and trinkets on it. I may be using it soon. I hate waiting around to find out nothing very good. It is not like waiting for a surprise party, I can tell you. So, ok, let’s drop that line of thinking….I came home and did nothing big on Saturday but figure out what, when, and how I have to do to cancel trips and to recover those that I had the sense to get insurance with purchase. Wow, that was a mouthful.

Friday after the cutting of hairs, Jackie and I met at Alexander’s at Inn on the Creek. Oh, i do love that woman. I felt purged.

Arrrrrrrgh, Sunday was tough, tough, tough. It was the first time at church where MY name was on the prayer list. There is a sight you never want to see. There was tooooo much compassion and sympathy and I thought I would die of it. I want kindness but I just can’t handle it….sweet, dear Vic S., retired 80 year old radiologist, is one of my boy friends, according to Len. He is so precious and I knew that seeing him would start the faucets running. Sure enough. He said something to this effect as he hugged me, “You’re gonna beat this thing. kid.” I sure hope so Vic. His dear little Peggy was perfect—not too kind. As was Fr. David, who promised me on the phone he would not be too nice to me. So as it was, I sat there in church with these stupid, stupid projectile tears just shooting out of my eyes. I HATE THAT. The last Amen wasn’t said, when I made a very quick retreat. You just don’t want to see your name on the prayer list.

Then on to Tom’s house for an incredible brunch….lots of ‘home folk’: Susan and Bill, Renee and Bill, Wes and his two babies, Kerry and John, and Joann and John. Tom and his sous chef, Suz whipped up awesome Eggs Florentine and Benedict. Sadly, Tom had my brand of cheap grocery store champagne. I think I drank a bottle. I am practicing the cancer conversation and getting better at it. This group is easy…not so much raw emotion and they are the ones I am closest to. Go figure.

Then home for a nap before heading to Austin to Susan H’s birthday party. Very, very hot and very, very fun. Len was so good. He thanked Belinda, Susan, & Jackie for their help during my illness. It was a very happy time. Belinda’s, James, cooked. I call that a saint. it was at least a 100 F on the side of the house. James can adopt me. He cooks just the food I love. Len had a particularly nice time visiting with John H.–that made me happy.


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