Articles of Faith. Also Discouraging Words and Encouraging Words


These are things I have always loved and some new things I love. They represent my way and other’s ways of looking at ‘articles’ of faith. Sally gave me the dear pillow made in Honduras…she went there on a mission trip to help establish a women’s coop–sewing. I love this pillow.    DSC07079.JPG

Discouraging/Encouraging Words: I have been a fool a lot of my life. I can only imagine the dreadful, insensitive things I have said to people. I am sorry, people. I know more about being insensitive than I used to know but I bet I will be a fool again and say things that hurt. So here is where I am going with this. The nicest people in the world can say things that sting and scare the hell fire out of me. By and large they are well-meaning but they always want to tell their story which they don’t realize make me hyperventilate. Stories about hospital care mostly…why you have to go to MD Anderson and oh by the way, “Oh, you are going to Scott & White”. Silence. Or about side effects or about death and dying. Here is what I know: I have said worse when I didn’t even know I was doing it. It isn’t malice, it’s just not very sensitive.

BUT, on to the happy conversations and notes. I am blessed over and over. I have a dear husband and family and friends. I hear friends say things like, “You are in the driver’s seat on this ride”. Just as I wrote that, I realize it is awfully self-centered sounding. The speaker meant it lovingly, I know. I have had some calls I can’t even return because their love just pierces my heart. Lou Ann, I would call you back but you would think it was an obscene phone call because all I could do is make little muttering, slurppy, weepy noises. My precious Mom told me today through tears she wanted to come hold my hand. She can’t physically do that. Neither of us could talk for the tears. I HATE to cry. Tenderness renders me helpless. It is like kryptonite to me. 203715-188412-kryptonite_super.jpg

I am keeping these tender words in a file and when I am recovering from the surgery I am going to make an entry of the heartening words. No kidding, I love my people. I don’t know what it is going to look like to ‘get there’ but I know this, I have family and friends that are like or are angels, oxen, soldaderas, etc.. I almost have it all. There is always gratitude and I always want more.

Must go to bed but I keep thinking of things I want to say. Somethings never change.


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