That Part is Over.

How is it I was so totalllllllly and completely spooked until the actual day of the surgery? I really did feel like I was getting ready to walk the plank. Drama queen, couldn’t be anything like, “I couldn’t sleep”. No, walking the plank.

But yesterday, the day of the surgery, I was just putting one foot in front of the other. Len was so good. There had to be moments or hours when he wanted to take a brick to my head….very patient, very kind, and now verrrrrrrrrrrrrry popular with the Posse. There is zero reason to recount every detail, in part, because I was zonkered much of the day. Nurse Navigator, Carol, told me I could take a tranquilizer before I came in so that took the pitch off of things, I guess.

We got to the Mammography Lab at 7:30 for the wire placement and the mammogram, then taken away to Nuclear Medicine where a student (intern) put dye into my mammary ducts. He did a good job and it went very quickly but I noted he was nervous and after it was done came the explanation that he was a virgin. I like that I was able to be his first. I think it stung like bee stings. After the ‘dye job’ we were transported/escorted to surgical waiting. They didn’t have a booth for us so we sat by some vending machines (food and drinks tormenting me) in DSC07109.jpg DSC07112.JPG the waiting area. It was empty except for one person. I played Words with Friends on my iPhone with Carol S and Clyde M and talked with Len…then Belinda came. Len got a couple of funny photos of her braiding my hair. From then (11:00 am) on it was a nice blur. Barbara came next, then Becky, then Nina, then Jackie. Becky and Nina left after a couple of hours, I think. I was supposed to have surgery at noon….I had the surgery at 3:30!

During the wait, the gals entertained me and Len. It was exactly the kind of distraction I needed. To have watched Len be nervous would have made me insane, but this way he was the good caretaker. I’m going to add Belinda’s funny email below that she sent after the fact….Apparently I tried to do some drug deals with anyone. Must have worked because I hardly remember anything, in fact nothing.

Bottom Line: Dr. L. believes that we are good to go. That means that the on-the-spot pathology found no cancer in the sentinel node and that Dr. L believes he took a good margin out along with the cancerous area. The absolute pathology will be revealed next Tuesday. This is the best of the possible scenarios….Yes, Dr. L was pleased with his work….just a little dent in my boob near my arm pit.

The night was very blurry. Lots of the usual hospital stuff but I slept well when I slept. I was discharged at 10:30 this morning….only 17 hours after surgery! They wanted me gone, gone, gone. So, I am home with little discomfort except the emotional kind….called worry. The pictures are pretty funny. Barbara’s Gordon says, I am “…the only woman he knows who is brave enough to do that (photos).” Not so much brave as superbly drugged.DSC07113.JPG I just noticed I am playing with the phone in every photo.

On the way home, Len went in to McDonald’s and bought me a LARGE, carmel frappe. Minimum of 1000 calories and it was restorative.

Belinda’s Email to Missing Posse Members

I woke up this morning thinking “i love Len Krals.” His devotion to my friend Susan just made him more dear to me. Yesterday afternoon when we got the good news about Susan, Len with tears in his eyes said, yesterday was the second happiest day in his life. The first day was when he married Susan and the second was yesterday when he found out she was going to be okay. What a lovely sentiment and spoken from the heart.

Susan under the influence of a mild tranquilizer, provided many entertaining moments yesterday. She asked not once, not twice but at least four times for a little tranquilizer just to take the edge off the experience, all as she appeared to be rather well rounded. When the topic of jello post surgery came up (we were thinking she might be hungry), she moved the conversation to jello shots. One of her final coherent conversations prior to being wheeled off to surgery had her reaffirming her devotion to Creme de Tequilla. Then as they rolled her back into her room post surgery, munching on her ice
Cubes, she picked up where she left off the conversation telling once again about her devotion to Creme de Tequilla. I choose to believe the Creme de Tequilla conversation provided her with wonderful thoughts during her surgery.

All of which made Len smile. He finds delight in her. Let me end with the beginning thought – I just adore Len Krals.

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  1. nancy baumann thurmond Says:

    Well done, Susan!!

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