Analogies, Phrases, Ramblings, and Breast Art

1. Cancer is like the Coyote. I may even refer to it as Coyote. Cancer is sneaky, hated, avoided, evasive, unpredictable, and has a terrible reputation. It renders havoc. Destructive and has pack energy and psychology. I hate coyotes and cancer.

2. Fear is like the mosquito. Buzzing in the background and able to zip in and get you before you see it coming. I think about
FDR and the expression, “…nothing to fear, but fear itself”. I also like Julian of Norwich: “Let nothing disturb you. Let nothing frighten you. Everything passes away except God”. Julian of Norwich.jpg One thing nice about my journal is I don’t have to account for accuracy. No bibliography here. I am going to have to find out if Julian was a really cat lover.

3. I read this phrase in some book recently. “Lonely for belief.” Wow. Just the phrase makes me teary. It is so desolate — so desperate. This can be any belief. Belief in God; the belief in a positive outcome. That phrase resonates in my head. I am pretty annoyed by believers in whatever and their inability to understand why you don’t have the kind of “IT” they have. Maybe that is where self-righteousness gets a bad reputation.

4. Len has rigged up an impressive belt for my drain. The belt he has me using came off a pair of UV protecting outdoor slacks he wore in the field while working in Alabama. It is made of woven nylon so it can be worn in the shower. Then he attached a D ring off his back pack which has a quick release lever so I can get the drain on and off pretty quickly. Then he looped the tubing into a kind of lariat and taped it. Voila–hands free from the drain in the shower. He is very proud of himself. I am pretty proud of him too.

5. Breast Art: I found this little packet at World Market….I don’t know that the intention was for the bosom….but I have high hopes. I still have 1.75 breasts.DSC07116.JPG

6. I have had a big day. Len took me to lunch at Cathy’s Cafe for comfort food, then to the library, then to Walmart for a good walk about (2.03 miles today)! Then Nina, Patsy ,and LOLLY came over. I love Lolly soooooo much. She is doing pretty darned good. Then Babs and Gordon brought us deeeeeeelicious dinner. I am blessed.


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