News…No News…Change in News…On and On.

It really has been awhile since I wrote…My neural maps are different every day. This is a lot of learning….and in someways I am making it like a made for TV, reality drama. As I write I am enjoying medicinal crema de tequila and listening to Bob Dylan sing Thunder on the Mountain. Len thinks I am a hippie! I wish I were dancin’ on a table in the Mean Eyed Cat Bar, in Austin! I loooooove it.


Ok, since I last wrote I have been the recipient of many fabulous notes, cards, emails, food items, and gifts. I love them all and I am saving all except food, which I have eaten. I am gaining weight not losing weight. Where to start? Well this week I learned that the medicals call the shots…they tell you when and how and you do it. Not at all like making a hair appointment. I fill out the same form every where I go and act like I like doing it. Anyway, I had a CT scan that I didn’t know I needed because a pre-op chest X-ray showed a lung nodule. Damn. That news set me back a little. But it turned out ok. I like John, the CT scan tech. He did my chest about 8 years ago. We had a great reunion. So,I will watch that like other body parts for changes. I am an extreme watcher of my body parts now. I am almost scared to touch my neck for fear I will come across a neck full of marbles…aka lymph node cancer coyotes.

I had a happy visit with my radiologist, female, Dr Angela D’ Rob. I like her. She is about 30something and wears cute clothes and pointed toe shoes. All good credentials for a radiologist. She also talked about loving hormone patches so I knew we were sisters. For at least 45 minutes she thoroughly explained so much that I didn’t know. I finally understand why it isn’t a good idea for me to have had a full mastectomy…so IF after all the treatment IF it came back and I had no breast tissue it would hit the chest wall and there would be less tissue to work with. So now I get it. She was very clear on lots of things. BUT the stinkin’ final pathology STILL isn’t back. They said 7-10 business days and I guess they meant it. So without that information, I am in a holding pattern. Once we get that information, they/I will know the treatment plan. Maybe more surgery, maybe chemo, maybe no chemo, definitely radiation, and definitely estrogen blockers for 5 years.

Yesterday we went to see the surgeon’s PA for drain removal. That is one mean piece of work. It is stitched in me with something that I believe is kin to barbed wire. Len has been in charge of drain care. He apparently believes in the “fast yank method”. So much so that I have skin tears. Hellllllllllo. It hurts. Not the boob, the yankin’ of tape. He is on probation now. My PT comes from trying to do my own taping. He is verrrrrrrry good in most cases, just not taping. He even has set up a ‘clinic’ as he calls it, in his restroom. AND he is washing his hands prior to working on me!!!! This is big. The long and short of the visit to meet Lisa, surgeon’s PA, is that I didn’t get the final pathology report and I didn’t get the drain out. Someone forgot to me tell me to take a pain pill (!) prior. Apparently, drain removal is slightly uncomfortable. Medical phrase which means your hair could turn white and fainting is likely. So we go back tomorrow. I was given two mastectomy bras. Len says they weren’t gifts but he is glad I have them if they make me happy. They are soft sided and have pockets for falsies or drain.

I did have a small altercation with a mean-spirited, grumpy volunteer in the Cancer shop. He was grumpin’ around and crotchety. So in true form i asked if this was a bad time to be there…this usually brings people back to center point. But he just explained he had had a bad week. i said, “Yes, i too have had a bad week”. Len wanted me to not start a fight. Damn, I wanted a good fight. i just knew I would win.

Susan L met us at the Optical Center so Len could go on home and she and I could catch up and then I had a hearty lunch. She grounds me. I bet she goes home and drinks straight gin after time with me. I on the other hand am quite relaxed.

Other photo is from church. Sweet Nedra and Darlin’ Vic. It is very nice to have folks that love me. My sweet Mom is coming to see me tomorrow!

DSC07126.JPG DSC07124.JPG


One Response to “News…No News…Change in News…On and On.”

  1. nancy baumann thurmond Says:

    You look fabulous!!! It’s hard to believe you’ve been through this nightmare. You look so well and happy. Glad the CT was good. Do you grow gardenias? Can’t even buy them in floral shops here. We had to special order them for Amy’s wedding. Mother and Daddy had a bush with giant gardenias in front of their house at Barksdale AFB LA and I loved being able to pick one whenever.

    It’s hard watching our Mothers get so frail. I know how you feel. I will always miss mine. I was able to go to TN just about every other month that last year and I’m so grateful.
    Sounds like you’re well cared for! Love and prayers, nancy

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