Pathology Report at Last

Lisa called to tell me the scoop…Pretty good too! According to her, Dr. L’s PA and nurse, he did get a good clean margin so hopefully no more surgery is indicated, and the four lymph nodes removed for biopsy were cancer free!!! She wasn’t able to tell me the stage but I got on the phone and called my BC navigator and also Jose P, my GYN for further clarifications. Between them I found out that the pathology report says it is stage 1! Very good. baloons.jpg joy.jpg

So what next? After dancing in the street and calling a press conference? I have an appointment August 16th to meet with my medical oncologist, Dr. R. Between now and then he and my other team doctors (surgeon, radiologist, and ?) meet and review the results…..they make a recommendation and Dr. R presents it to us on the 16th. Us: Len, Susan L, my nurse navigator, and me. I want all these folks with me to listen. Susan L is a fine listener and between the three of these people I might grasp it all. Apparently it is a lot of information and can be very daunting. Very daunting. Radiation and 5 years worth of estrogen blockers are likely. I am holding my breath that no chemo is indicated. I also called Vivian B and spoke to her husband, a GYN oncologist. He provided even further information. I am being cautiously optimistic. One thing this has taught me is not to get too confident. I have a mole on my back–it has been there a couple of years…I am convinced it has grown so I have made a frantic dermatology appointment. I understand this is a typical, newly-diagnosed reaction. I hope so. I also hope I don’t have Munchausen. I learned about it on 2 episodes of Law and Order.

Because I am in the celebration mode and because it is hotter than hell, I am going to Maine! Belinda is going with me and we are going to stay at David C’s cabin in Sedgwick. David was one of Sarge’s classmate when he was growing up. Steph, Sarge, Mary Rae, & Don and I had dinner with David years ago. I have been to this cabin but I can’t remember much about it. What I DO know is that it is not 105 F in Maine. It is supposed to be in the high 70s and 60s for lows. YES, and it might rain. OMG, I may take my Wellies. WE leave on August 4 and home the 9th. “I’m on the Road Again”—yeah Willie!

Screen shot 2011-07-30 at 5.39.05 PM.png


One Response to “Pathology Report at Last”

  1. nancy baumann thurmond Says:

    Susan, this is wonderful news! I could smack that radiologist who scared you so badly right up front at the beginning of this! You continue to inspire! Have a good cool down in Maine. It was 112 here yesterday. Crazy!

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