I am Stuffed–Maybe I’ll Walk Later

great-horned-owl_773_600x450.jpgI am doing really well walking again…it is verrrrrrrry boring to walk in the old mall but it is air conditioned. Thirty-one days of triple digits hot. We have a couple of great horned owls who live with us on our property. One of them has been more visible than usual…I watched him this past week in the bird bath which I just loooved. I am going to try to get a picture of him….I admire him endlessly except I do not want him to have Mickey or Morris for dinner. But I am glad to provide the owls water. I did not take this photo.

Len found this photo in some drawer and scanned it for me. I told Mary it looks like one of the pictures you see in the Life section of newspapers….old folks celebrating their 63 wedding anniversary or a church directory. This picture is from 1983. I love Len’s aviator glasses–and I am glad he willingly gave them up about 25 years ago. I think wearing old fashioned glasses can be very aging…maybe I should concentrate more on what is ‘age appropriate’ as Stephanie H says rather than being critical….hmmm, age appropriate dressing never occurred to me. I think it is incredible that I used to actually get permanents…me, with naturally curly/wavy/frizzy hair that I now pay $350.00 to get straightened. This particular hair do required layers of permanent wave rods in order to accommodate my hair’s thickness…giving the resulting lion’s mane look. Very Olan Mills. As I recall, I really liked this photo.

Susan & Len 1983.jpg

Len and I met at Sam’s this morning so we could buy another grill…This may be the 17th we have owned. Usually they rust and are health hazards so we drag them off to some landfill after a few months. So today we went to get a mini grill in order to grill sausage tomorrow afternoon…The buddies are coming over for poker and happy hour and we/I want to grill sausages…after all it will only be about 105 F. Len is very unexcited to be the chef. After shopping we went to Luby’s for an all you can eat for $7.99 eat-a-thon.We didn’t even go back to the food line but I did make a spectacle of myself with a tray which required a cart to move!


One Response to “I am Stuffed–Maybe I’ll Walk Later”

  1. Sarah Hartwig Says:

    Ohhhhh this picture of you and Len is hauntingly endearing…so appropriate to pair it with a story of your yard owls, such awesome and haunting creatures themselves.

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