I Love Maine. I Love Maine. I Love Maine.

So I’m ripped. I couldn’t go to San Miguel for the Chamber Music Festival as a volunteer. I didn’t get to sit at the Jardin in a gauzy dress and pass out brochures or buy bouquets for the musicians… and that reeeeeeeally put me on edge. I’m told not to let cancer rule my life but it kinda does for awhile. Well, I am inclined to be brittle about all this….so I have missed going to Mexico, Boston, DC, and probably Hawaii and Vermont. BUT, I did get a quick trip to divine Maine.


Belinda and I rented a cabin in Sedgwick…it is a blink of a village on the Benjamin River…rented it from David C., who is a distant cousin of Sarge’s. David had Steph, Sarge, Mary Rae, Don, and me for dinner at his Country Living-likecabin about 3 years ago…so I knew about it. Steph and Sarge helped by getting me David’s number. Fortunately the cabin was available so we rented it for 5 nights…I am tickled thinking of the trip–Austin to DFW; DFW to Boston; Boston to Bar Harbor on a teeeeny tiiiny plane. I love airplane drugs. The tricky part was that we never had more than 40 minutes to connect to the next flight and some required leaving the terminal. Jose told me I could go if I would wear a sling on my right side so I wouldn’t forget and pick up a suitcase. It also helped get us through lines. Yeah, I am going to get something out of this cancer…even if it is moving to the front of the line.


We rented a car and drove about an hour to Sedgwick…found

our spot at 20 Cabin Cove….very cute and very rustic at the same time. It had a double bed in the living room area and a tiny little separate bedroom, nice sized kitchen, living room with big fire place, a good bathroom, a deck, and a screened in porch. Very pretty view. It was soooooooooooo cool….in all ways. Cool to be there and cool in weather. The high was 81 but mostly it was in the mid 70s and one day no more than 68. It actually rained. We came back early that day and had a big ol’ blazing fire. It was simply heaven to sleep with the windows open and listen to the rain…No, I did not miss being here for the 42nd day of triple digit heat.

Belinda had never been to Maine before so Sarge and Steph’s list of must-dos came in handy. We went to Camden for our big outing the first day….about 1.5 hours away…great day of shopping and sight seeing….I bought a Fruits of the Forest pie like Steph and I bought a few years ago for a dinner party. As good as I remembered but not as many blueberries. The next few days were super….Castine, Stonington, Deer Isle, Blue Hill, Ellsworth, and Seal Harbor. We ate blueberries every chance–even went to the Blue Hill Congregational Church’s Blueberry Festival for a pancake breakfast with all the locals. When we weren’t eating blueberries we were eating lobster or clams or chowder. The hydrangeas and Queen Anne’s Lace were giant, the blueberry barrens were loaded with self pickers, and the shopping was good. I did my part to help their economy. I even bought a painting!

Belinda is a great traveling companion. Len would have thrashed around if he’d have been coerced into that much shopping. We went to visit Jay and Alicia S in Seal Harbor the last day….Jay was Belinda’s chair at UT. They were amazingly gracious–I feel like I have known them a long time. Alicia told me about a group in the Austin area called Walk Through Cancer…support correlated to exercise. I am very interested but so far I cannot find a contact number.

The last night David invited us to dinner. John, his partner, had gone back to Falmouth so it was just the 3 of us. It was a delicious dinner and fun to get to know him better. He loved getting to know Belinda. I think he would like for us to come back. The pictures don’t do the trip justice. It was just what I needed. Exactly. I love Maine. IMG_1713.JPG IMG_1719.JPGNow I can face the music.DSC07165.JPG IMG_1579.JPGIMG_1727.JPG

IMG_1591.JPG IMG_1590.jpg Maine.jpgIMG_1605.jpg IMG_1596.JPG IMG_1604.JPG IMG_1635.jpg IMG_1613.JPG IMG_1616.jpg  IMG_1630.JPG


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