I Had This Dream the Night Before My First Oncology Appointment—Pretty Straight Forward

I love to dream and I dream in chunks. A lot of dreams then none for months. I used to go to bed hoping for dreams—think I will start to do that again.

old bridge.jpg

The dream: I was driving to St. Louis. I don’t know how it was that I knew that but it was St. Louis. I’m driving the car by myself and I can see miles and miles away the bridge from hell. I have seen this bridge before somewhere in East Texas. It was a 4 lane bridge with no median and covered in packed snow so you didn’t know if it was icy or not. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. So up, up, and up I went knowing I was terrified. At the top it went straight down like a ride at Six Flags. I went down so fast and I couldn’t stop anything. Hmmmmm. OK, so then I am in St. Louis with a zillion tourists. We are all walking along a narrow board walk over some more water. People fall in and some get out and keep walking. Others don’t get out but I don’t know what happened to them. I never fall in. I do find myself in several dead end kind of locations….walking mostly over scary terrain then having to turn back because there is no way out. I do get out but I have to squeeze through several tight places….one I think was a mattress like tunnel.

Pretty clear dream to me. And although the dream was sort of third-hand scary, it wasn’t a night mare and I made it. That’s the point. Len listened to the dream with a fair amount of interest. He did ask unnecessary questions….When I first started telling him I said, “I was going to St Louis.” He right away said, “How did you get there?” I hate it when he acts like a psycho-therapist! The salient points: I drove, I was scared, I made it. Points taken.


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