First Ever Oncology Appointment

I like my Oncologist but I am still in limbo. When will this waiting end? Dr. Ruud recommended another test called Oncotype DX.

This test uses breast tissue taken during my surgery and in approximately 3 weeks I will see Dr Ruud again so we can further review the findings of this test (done in some other state, I think) along with my other indicators (no lymph node involvement, early detection, small mass, and overall good health). The Oncotype DX test will provide a Recurrence Score on a graph….if in the negative zone (my word) then it indicates radiation only; if ‘indistinct’ or ‘distinct’ then chemo is the way I will chose to go.

Ok, with that being said, IF chemo is indicated, then I will have it right away, one afternoon every 21 days in an IV format-4 cycles (12 weeks). IF chemo, it will be ‘cocktail’ of Taxotere and Cytoxan. IF I need this chemo, I will lose my hair for sure. They have super anti nausea drugs that almost certainly eliminate actual vomiting but you might still feel queasy. You could have bone aches….on and on but every one reacts differently….and I have 3 weeks before I know if any chemo is required. I think it is better to be pragmatic and assume I am then be pleasantly surprised if I don’t have to have it. One way or the other, if chemo is indicated, then it happens first. Only after chemo does the radiation begin. I will absolutely have radiation….and it will last 6 weeks.

IF chemo —I guess it could start Sept 12 lasting until end of November. Then adding on 6 weeks of radiation….I should be finished with both by January 2012…
IF no chemo, then radiation would probably start around September 12 and be over by the end of October.


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