I think today was the 70+ day of triple digit heat this summer. It is so wretched, so parched, so desperate. I pray no one drops a cigarette or hits a piece of flint or drives a hot vehicle over the pasture. It will all be over in a puff.

Today I slept in AGAIN then went out to get the car washed since Chris, my car washer texted me at 6:15 to say that his ‘rig’ broke down and he was being towed back to Georgetown. As I was in the car wash I realized that I also needed an oil change and gas! It was at the oil change location I realized I didn’t have my phone…it was kind of humorous…I asked if I could use their land line…and they couldn’t remember where it was since they all used their cells! It was finally located…I called Len and found him just a few blocks away…he invited me to a tasty lunch at Cheddars….my gosh they give a ton of food–so much we brought most home for dinner tonight.


On the way home we stopped at Belton’s Harris Water Park…not a slide kind of park but rather a playground loaded with pop up fountains. I had to do it–just a little like Schloss Hellbrun in Salzburg, Austria. Ions ago a bishop with a sense of humor built this amazing baroque castle with all kinds of hidden fountains to keep his guests on their toes and SOBER. Anyway, back to Belton. Here it is…and it was glorious! I did have to take on a few pre-schoolers for space—and at least the one pictured didn’t much like it! It was so much fun.

DSC_1594.jpg DSC_1588.jpgDSC_1593.jpg


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