I am not in a huff.

I love the posse and my friends who I share this site with. Last week I think I wrote that I hand selected who I give it out to….Ok….no beating around the bush. Please ask me before you pass my journal site on. I am 99% certain I will cheerfuly say , “Yes!” but pleeeeeeeeease ask me first. I had 5 separate episodes this very week where I learned that the site had been given out. Two times it really wasn’t ok with me but there you have it. Knowing how public the internet is, there really is no guarantee of privacy….still most people don’t just stumble on to it. I did have one very nice woman who did stumble on to it and she asked me if she could give the site to her friend with breast cancer. It is my journal and it is my bald head that will be in the next entry and it is sort of like having your picture taken in your underwear. Enough said.


One Response to “I am not in a huff.”

  1. nancy baumann thurmond Says:

    I hope you don’t mind that I found it. You did not give it to me. I saw it when I was looking at your photos. I love reading it and feel like I know you again. If you don’t feel the same then it’;s ok to dis me.:(

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