The Big Shearing….

I have dreaded the hair loss more than anything. Genuine grieving and anticipating great thrashing about when it happened. So my head did in fact tingle and the next thing I knew, just like the Red Chemo book said, i was finding lots of hair on my pillow. Yuck. But the big turning point for me was just when it really did come out in handfuls. I mean that is very damned creepy. All I could imagine was a mange look. So I called Edward as I mentioned earlier. Len took me in Monday and it was just fine. Edward and his friend Chuck were there and Holly too. I didn’t feel at all exposed. I just said when I walked in, “I’m gonna be cryin’ here pretty soon.” BUT I didn’t. The fact is this was realllllllly the smart thing to do. I controlled it and it was some how liberating to have it done with. Yes, I have an egg shaped head and yes, I really do look like the guy in the Six Flags and Dr. Pepper commercial. I must learn to dance like him.

First Edward shaved it with a #3 guide on the clippers. He asked me if I was ready and oh yes I wanted it done and fast. So buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, off it went. Then he did the #1 guide with the clippers. It is about 1/16th of an inch long. I look just like my brother and he looks just like my Grandpa. He says I look just like Daddy. He never knew Grandpa. DSC00300.jpg

Len did a great job of chronicling the drama, I think. Honestly I am not crying in the 2nd photo….although I did cry at the end because I was so touched by Edward’s kindness and sensitivity. He did it all with so much dignity. Thank you sweet man. The last photo was before he braided my favorite, trashy girl wig and sent me off into the world liberated. Since I won’t be able to get my hair colored for probably months he said we can just go to lunch. I will miss him sorely, if not.



DSC00319.jpg DSC00344.jpg DSC00354.jpg

DSC00358.jpg Now here is the rest of the story: Taking a shower with no hair feels verrrrrrrrrrrry, verrrrrry cool. Almost kinky cool. I may never go back to tresses. I wore the short wig during a walk day before yesterday and it gets pretty darned sweaty under there. I took it off and threw it in the back seat and it looked like a wet, long-haired nutria…and probably smelled like one too. The long and short of it is some times I wear it in a scarf like I think Grace Kelly would want me to wear it and then a big hat on top. And some times I just wear my new hooligan look as I did at Mah Jongg on Tuesday. That’s the story on hair or the lack there of.DSC07293.JPG


2 Responses to “The Big Shearing….”

  1. oh Susan – you look beautiful! 🙂 love, tina

  2. Who knew those incredibly expressive eyes even existed before now? A new personality emerges again….another one I want to know!

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