Yikes I am loosing Momentum

The first week after chemo was a blur….in retrospect not awful but not good. I slept too much and I was jittery-nuts from the stinkin’steroids. Tomorrow I am going to ask Dr. R if I really need that much. Please God, not more. I cried all one Sunday afternoon for no apparent reason except I felt like I had the flu but I didn’t. Then I was furious with myself for being whiny. And yes every day I felt better. My hair did start coming out and I didn’t like it one bit. Very spooky weird. I called Edward and he told me to come in Monday and he would meet me at the salon even though closed…privacy. Very thoughtful.

So I am going to hit the highlights as I began to feel better. I think I said earlier that Foy drove down last Wednesday and took me to lunch. I can’t remember how long it has been since we laughed so much. It was just the kind of purge I love. And although I know I said this in another entry–Foy always comes through and I love him for it.

Saturday night we went to Christ Church’s supper club at Susan and Bill’s house. It was great to be out with such nice people and I drank almost a bottle of prosecco…amazing since I have had no interest in alcohol…I also wore my wig…the long one.


Then my sister in law brought my Mom up to see me…actually Brother Bill came too which was a surprise and nice–I just wasn’t expecting him. I KNOW my Mom and knew she would be lookin’ for any little thing to worry over. So I made myself up like a Coopie Doll with lots of jewelry. She reminded me of a mother cat who leaves the litter then comes back and has to give the kittens a big goin’ over because somebody might have touched one. She was like that. I got a real goin’ over! THis trip was huge. She turned 90 the day after and in no way is travel easy for her. Very difficult in fact. BUt she kept saying, she just wanted to see for herself that I really was ok. It was good.

Billy provided fabulous comic relief when he donned one of my wigs. I really thought Mother might die laughing. It was perfect. Then as I showed her my new fedora and she was smitten. Quite a 90th birthday portrait I think. She has always loved a hat. She is beautiful inside and out. The single constant in my life has been my Mom. I adore her and get weepy stupid when I think of her.



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