I Don’t Know If I Can Write Complete Sentences I am so Whipped!

I was going to write last night but lost my momentum so tonight I am just going to get down what I can remember has happened this week.

I was perky enough that Len did go on to his week in Massachusetts for his 50th high school reunion. He says it has been cold..even froze but he is toughing it out and playing golf in shorts! He is very happy with both courses he has played. He is also going to a Red Sox game. This is all very good. In addition, he is getting quality time with Carol and Al. I am green with envy but it was smart to stay home. I get exhausted fast and I would hate to miss any outings…so I will go just as soon as I can get up there.

So, In Len’s absence I have done what? I have cleaned more closets, taken bags to the Salvation Army, Max has totted pantry junk off to his Sportsman’s Club Auction, I have seen Moneyball in Georgetown, I have walked nearly every day, and….more of my buzzed hair has come out. Nina and Lolly picked me up for a perfect lunch outing then dropped me off for my first ever MRI–on my brain. I didn’t like it much. It wasn’t hideous, but those damned steroids make me so jumpy that laying perfectly still with my head kinda immobilized with clanging and shaking going on wasn’t easy. But it is done and from what my Nurse Navigator said, all clear. Really if they had found something I think might have just unraveled. But didn’t have to and probably wouldn’t have had the energy.

Scott & White calls constantly confirming appointments and changing appointments. I am not going to bother with all the changes here. Tomorrow Susan takes me to get a port then an hour or so later the chemo using the port. It creeps me out but I am just putting one foot in front of the other.

This week I was able to take some garden soup and bread over to Marilyn and Luther. Marilyn resigned from out book club this year after her cancer came back after 16 years. I loved getting to be with her and I think we gave each other just what was needed. Truly, I think that. I told her how I felt like I had become totally narcissistic. We decided that cancer does that to you and we were going to just be ok with that for awhile. I loved being with her. She affirms me.

What else? I am buying loose clothing…I think of it as…what should I call it…free form? Flax things…modern with pointed, draping hemlines. Lots of drama, of course. All things that will be just smashing with one of the big Micronesian hats. I wear the wigs but prefer scarves and hats and really prefer to go hairless. It doesn’t bother me at all to go out bald. Steph sent me a breast cancer recovery kit…full of pink socks, divine big chandelier ear screws (aka earrings), chocolate, and candied popcorn. I think I may need some of that corn right now!

Today Belinda came up to check me out. We had a great working day…we planned and put down deposits for a mega trip in May 2012. First we are going to Dubrovnik, Croatia for a few days–then flying to Bucharest, Romania for a Viking river cruise that will end up in Budapest, Hungary–then we fly to London to meet our tour for the Chelsea Flower Show chelseaPA_468x321.jpg and an extension in Kent. Finally home. We are pretty pumped about our itineraries…I need to do the air this next week. Tricky because for two days after chemo I am pretty drugged to keep me from having an allergic reaction to the steroids….I have three really great days in a week. They are the days when I really feel outstanding and get a lot done. My memory is hideous. I mean hideous.

Max is cooking me biscuits and gravy Monday morning. Now I am going to bed.


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