Good Day Sunshine

With the Beatle’s lyrics slightly modified: Good day sunshine I need to laugh when the sun out I’ve got something I can laugh about I feel good in a special way I’m lovin’ it’s been a RAINY day!

Yea rain! Not enough to help poor, old, dried-up pasture but it felt great to have some humidity for my buzz cut for a change. I had my walking stick tonight doing my walk to and from the gate…I stopped to look at a giant crater in the soil and decided to stick my walking stick down….it went all the way to the top….that’s like 42″! Eeeek. Tomorrow the high will only be 77F. I might be tempted to carry a muff! And IF I had one, I would want it to be mouton!

It really has been a great day–I slept in thanks to finally taking some Benadryl for itchy port and shot of bourbon. When I did get up I went into immediate panic mode because I thought today was the Salado Library’s book sale and I had signed up to work. After a frantic call to Patty, I down shifted. Book sale is in two weeks. Nevertheless, it was good to talk to her and catch up….I think I may miss book club at her house Tuesday IF the drugging happens the way it is supposed to. Her book selection, Alice I Have Been will surely have tongues wagging. That book was hard to put down, speculative for Lewis Carrol fans, and kinda creepy.

Jackie brought deeeeeeelicious lunch over today and we had one of our very stimulating discussions. I love to have these kind of introspective dialogues with her. I mean it, we get deeeep fast! I wanted to talk about the concept of ‘doing one’s best.’ What has recently been made all too clear to me is that I have often talked about and thought I was–doing my best. Au contraire! I mean it, I must never say such nonsense. I told her and I believe it, I don’t think there is such a state for me. I always know there is more to give, I just don’t do it. Anyway, as usual she is the best facilitator for deep discussions….she should have been a therapist!

After she left, I put on a big hat and headed for Salado’s Christmas in October. It was fun to do the walk about and saw lots of acquaintances…then over to the Howling Wolf for a spiffy little (sort of, if an XL can ever be little) denim dress. While there I registered for a drawing, and dang if I didn’t get a call later, that I had won….and how appropriate is this? I won a Save the Ta-Tas pink camouflage ball cap! image-logo.gif Life’s ironies!

For an extended outing I went on to Belton and did some hat and scarf sleuthing in some antique stores. Fairly profitable sleuthing, I might add. Then on to Walmart for lite grocery shopping then finally to Susan’s house for a cursory exam of red skin under and around clear dressing adhesive. I think I am allergic to it…figures.

Len said his reunion speech was a success and I am pleased and proud for him. In fact, I am immensely pleased for him. He had a good time! I just love it when he has fun. I wish he had fun and a belly laugh every day. Actually, I wish that for everyone but mostly for him.

Hmmmm, something else…of course. I am 80 some odd percent sure that Jackie and I saw a cottonmouth snake today in my front yard. I have looked at internet photos and he sure looked the part! We walked around him…waaay around him. After she left and after I looked up the photos I decided he needed a good shooting. Sorry ophiophilists (http://phrontistery.infor/love.html!) So, I got my pistol and hoped to hurt him. Of course, he was gone and now I am sure he is just waiting outside the door to get even with me for my cruel intentions.


One Response to “Good Day Sunshine”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Susan – Your journal sends me from tears into laughter and back again. I am so happy you are doing this and I pray that a lot of dear women who are going or going to go through a similar ordeal have the opportunity to read this as I think it will give them so much comfort. I like you in a wig, but I too think you look great without hair. It is interesting to me that I see more of Lee in you in those pictures than I ever have–and you know that is a GREAT compliment! I love you, dear, dear friend.
    Lou Ann

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