A Near Roman Holiday: 12 Days Between Chemo and it was Grand!

I am writing this entry because my computer had a hissy fit week before last. I wrote for three hours two Saturdays ago, I think, and when I hit publish computer must have thought I said, “-hit!” So it censored me and deleted the whole thing. Grrrrrrrrrr.


So I will just have to do my best with a shallow basin memory pool and a print out of my calendar. I used to be so quick! :-0

Len completed the Lance Armstrong Ride for the Roses again this year….I realllly feel like I have written this before…spooooooooky! Anyway, in years past he has ridden in support of Carol, Karen, and Susan S. This year he rode in support of me….45 miles! That is pretty amazing for a man who is 68. When he came home he had a bouquet of hydrangeas for me. He is incredibly thoughtful.

Of course I have run dry on real enthusiasm on things that happened so long ago but I can tell you it was a great 12 days….I had chemo on Monday instead of Thursday for reasons that defy logic–I was in a rough period where my appointments were helter skelter and I was meeeeeeean about it. I think it is all settled more or less now….Mostly all Thursdays but for two Fridays to fit Dr. R’s schedule. During these 12 days I had so much good thinking days that I just ran wild. I had lunch with Foy at his house….all just perfect. The weather was great, the meal was delicious, and he was so incredibly charming. I mean it, he can be Prince Valiant when he wants to be. I even showed him my bald head and he didn’t faint or get queasy.

Hmm, I also had a pumpkin spice spa pedicure which means it cost more than normal—but I like going to the Fountain of Beauty (you just have to love that name) because it is super clean. And I have become very interested in germs. I want to see those implements come out of an autoclave and barrels of bleach being sloshed into the basins.

Susan L and I went over to the Howdy Texas Bakery for an inside visit with the owner. We really get buzzed about the ‘back of the house’ kind of places. Over the years we have visited weavers, quilters, confectioners, etc. I am hot to go to the Mars Factory in Waco ever since I found out they make Snicker Bars there. i will drive 50 miles happily to watch Snicker Bar production.

Babs and I went to Steinmart where I found the finest ‘fascinator’ like Princess Kate wears. I think I will do a self-portrait for the Salado Art Show in February…think it will be a B&W photo and very stark but with the spiffy little feathered hat propped up on my head. This is intriguing to me…I have found a web site for portraiture tips now I just have to make myself do it. My brain is usually revved up in high gear or I am flat lined and cannot remember anything.

Other great things about those 12 days…I had breakfast with Ann and dinner with Katie. I am leaving some things out and repeating others so I think I will add a few photos from chemo with my nurse navigator, Carol, lunch, and other outings. Time to move on but first I have to figure out how to post date this so I can keep things in chronological order.

DSC07309.JPG IMG_1765.jpg IMG_1728.JPG

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