Cool Weather and a Day of Wilding at Steinmart

What could be better? Len drove me to Austin which was nice so I could read my book and make long lists of not important things to do like plan a tea party and find a web site that gave tips on digital portraits….I decided to do a self portrait of me bald in black and white–maybe wearing a fascinator but definitely bald–no wig. Anyway, I am using the timer on my camera so it is kind of tricky. Ok back to the outing. We went to Austin to an obscure Steinmart that was hard to find but Len and I toughed it out and found it. I needed a black lace top to wear in May when Belinda and I go on our Viking River Cruise and the Chelsea Flower Show. Then we met Belinda at the Roaring Fork for lunch then two more pit stops–manic no-iron blouse buying and a Tom’s shoe frenzy at Whole Foods.

This was all fine and good but the creme de la creme (Is that correct in any language, I wonder?)…we did a surprise visit to Mom. It wasn’t totally a surprise because I figured I better call her first….it was wonderful. She giggled and was teary. Me too. I had my wig on but took it off. She kept saying, “I can’t get used to that.” I sat in her walker knee to knee with her in her recliner so she could hear me. Brother Bill came in the front door and since Len had left to go to the Ft. Sam Pro Shop, Billy didn’t see my car. So when he walked in all he saw was the back of a a bald head…he had no idea who it was. When I turned around he just looked at me blankly–a slow comprehension. He didn’t much like it you could tell. BUT in a matter of minutes all was well and we felt compelled to capture the look-alike-moment.


We only stayed about 1 1/2 hours but it was a very good day. Mom and I were both very happy. Thanks to Len…a generous man.


One Response to “Cool Weather and a Day of Wilding at Steinmart”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Bald is indeed beautiful! Lou Ann

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