Day After Chemo: Lesson Learned


I slept 5 hours yesterday after chemo…awake for one hour..then back to sleep for 10 more hours. So today I am supposed to be doing the benadryl and ativan 3 times a day but I decided to

just do the benadryl. So far I feel great…I am not sleepy nor hivey. I am jerky and kinda supercharged and still weep without warning. BUT I feel good and even walked 5 miles today…this is very good since I am eating like a horse. The following written 5 hours later. Well, so much for playing doctor. As the evening wore on I reallllly became jerky and hyper. At one point, I felt like my skin might just blow off of me. Like 5 cups of expresso and some speed too. Never again will I just cold turkey….I will take .5 of ativan with the benadryl. That was spooky.


Earlier in the day: So I am at my favorite spot in Salado…our library. I am holed up in the conference rtoom and I have accomplished all kinds of things. It is like having myown office…privileges are bound to decrease when I am off the Board in May. I believe in term limits and I have served for 7 years….they need new ideas and commitment.

Len is working with the other Mason’s at a Chili Dinner to support Salado High School’s new soccer team so he will be home later. He also played golf today. This is all very good for the ‘caregiver.’

We have lots on my plate this weekend…so I won’t sulk while chums are all having a big time in San Miguel…tomorrow I am going with Babs to a jewelry show and sale in the morning. Then Len and I are going on two totalllllly cool events…in theory at this point. One the Harley Davidson Toadallllly TaTa Event and the Southwest Mule and Donkey show at the Expo Center. Sunday after church an outing to Williams & Sonomal to buy über knives per Tanya’s recommendations. Lunch at Roaring Fork….yummmmmy red meat! for happy red blood cells. And speaking of my RBC, Len is making a chart showing the fluctuations in my RBC, WBC, and glucose. Nice souvenir.

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