Mule and Donkey Show-Save the Ta-tas-Positives (?) of Cancer

It is very important that I get all these disparate ideas down…. Ok, so quickly. Yesterday, Saturday, I went with Babs to a jewelry show in Killeen. I vowed I wouldn’t buy a thing but at the end bought a little bracelet…part of the proceeds going to breast cancer. And, there were only about 8 people there when we were and three were breast cancer survivors.

As soon as I got home Len and I went to our first, maybe only, Mule and Donkey show at the EXPO center. DSC00514.jpg I expected it to be just somethin’ we could say we did….but it was reallly interesting and I am telling you those animals could do things backing up that I couldn’t do. I say those animals because I am still not sure donkey from mule and I know what it takes to make one but not what they look like. I think the mule must be bigger and look more like a horse…yes, that is exactly what I think. So, it was really cool. Of course, I had to have my photo made with one of the winners ridden by a young boy about 13 years-old. He was such a poised young man—I think that hobbies like this and 4H really do build character.


Then from there to the Harley Davidson ‘Save the Ta-tas’ event that I just knew was going to be thoroughly amazing. It was kind of not. They did have a band, vendors, decorated bras, and food being served by SW Vanicek Cancer Center volunteers….but it just didn’t have much chemistry…and we reallly were looking forward to it. I guess the mules and donkeys just over-shadowed it! Photo of me and my Shiner Bock beer cap bra and one of the realllllly cool entries.IMG_1808.jpg

What I have been wanting to write about are some of the nice things that I have noticed related to this cancer business. My nails are great and my complexion has improved dramatically. I say this because I have had at least 4 people tell me at different times something about how good my skin looks….one, being my Mom, who although she loves me unconditionally, also zeros right on to skin, hair, complexion, and weight issues! Who knows why the improvement…still I am enjoying the moment!

Now the next part is related to the general public response to people who obviously have cancer. I imagine that is mostly about being bald….a dead giveaway to chemo. I think that it is amazing how strangers will encourage me or ask me questions that I am nearly certain they wouldn’t ask if they saw someone, say, using a walker. I was in the restroom at the Lexus dealership the other day washing my hands beside another person at the next basin. She turned to me and said, “I really like the way you have your scarf tied.” I thanked her and as we talked another woman came in–seemingly unknown to the other woman as well. She joined in the conversation and they asked me how much more chemo I would need, then about radiation, etc. We walked out of the restroom together and they kind of gave me a thumbs up and words of support. After I thanked them for their encouragement I had some wait time for the car and I kept mulling it over–how different I THINK it is than having some other illness. I can’t imagine someone approaching someone with Parkinson’s–maybe it has to do with Breast Cancer Awareness in October. FOR SURE, there is a lot of evidence of different corporate support.

Len told me he read or heard on the radio, some negative comments about all the ‘pink’ business. Gads, I can’t really imagine someone saying that. Even if it is everywhere–why would it actually bother someone? Maybe the person felt like they were being asked too many times to donate. I don’t know. When Len and I went to Williams-Sonoma today to get fancy Japanese knives, the cashier asked us if we would donate a certain amount for breast cancer. We did and my gosh we received a 20% off coupon for some great shops in Austin, plus $100 off on the knives, AND a $50.00 gift card. I know this much–the awareness is there and I think it will make a difference.

Boo-hiss. Tomorrow I have to get up at 5:15 bright eyed and bushy tailed — it is time for the dreaded new military ID card because I am turning 65. I think I will wear the short wig.


One Response to “Mule and Donkey Show-Save the Ta-tas-Positives (?) of Cancer”

  1. Lou Ann Weaks Says:

    Susan – You look so GOOD in your wigs and then you turn around and look great in scarves and bald. You are amazing. I hang onto every word in your journal!!!! I love it and you. Lou Ann

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